Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles WILL be the Next President, ex Candidate Mathias Pierre is Sure of It

Haiti post-election update -- In a press conference Thursday, platform Pitit Dessalin claim to have 60+ percent of the elections proces-verbals and they are "comfortable" with the results which places candidate Moise Jean Charles first OR second place in all departments of the country... YET... On the other side of it, they are screaming ballot stuffing in favor of Martelly's PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise... Which part is true???

Haiti Elections 2015 - Mathias Pierre - Moise Jean Charles
Haiti Elections 2015 - Mathias Pierre - Moise Jean Charles

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - "Pep la pa Vote JOVENEL Moise nan tout Department peyi a, Pep la vote MOISE Jean Charles..." Pep la pa vote NI Jude, ni Maryse... Declaration Mathias Pierre... Kisa ou panse de sa???

"They did not vote for Jovenel Moise in all departments of Haiti," ex candidate Mathias Pierre said on radio SCOOP FM, "they voted Moise Jean Charles..." They did not vote Maryse Narcisse, they did not vote Jude Celestin, they voted Moise Jean Charles in all departments, Mathias said. SCOOP journalist replied: "So if they voted you, why are you talking about ballot stuffing?"

Mathias Pierre is convinced, Moise Jean Charles is definitely going to the second round of the elections if he doesn't win in the first... Fok vote pep la Respekte (The people vote must be respected) he says...

My favorite question:

What do you think about that?

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Nouvo Haiti says...

Moise jean charle prezidan bann

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Nouvo Haiti says...

Moise fe 4 ans ap bay pays a problem.

Judes t vann kamyon CNA yo. Kek nan peuple Haitien nan fenwa, yo pa kwe nan bel pays. Menm yo menm ap sal pays a, apre yo ap di government pa bon. Nou t gen selman 2 moun nan parmi kandida yo kite merite an tet pays a. C sauver pierre Etienne avek steeven.

Moise Jean charle pa gen rev pou Haiti vre, moise fe 4 ans edmi bloke pays a. Avek yon sujet double nationalite ki pap utile anyen.

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Jean says...

Nan tout sa kap dewoule la-a.Sim byen konpran'n, tout moun ki deyo, deyo net

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Jean says...

Liars are liars; they will never change.

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St Julien Joseph says...

The Haitian people need to wake up because it's time for us to work together, we can't keep fighting when our people is living on the street.

The Haitian people need to look what happening in another country how they do thing it would be good to learn from other we can not even trust our leader in the country or God please help my people to know the different between light and darkness thank you when we are going to sit together and find solution for our owe problem as

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Paul Bance says...

Senateur Benoit pi qualifier pou president an 2016. Pep la en form deyere li pou li monter au palais.

Senateur Benoit se president kap travail pou pep la. Viv Senateur Benoit President de la Republic d'Haiti en

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles WILL be the Next President, ex Candidate Mathias Pierre is Sure of It edit

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