Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe Press Release after CEP Candidate List Publication

Haiti Elections Update - Following the CEP Release of the Final list of President candidates, former Prime Minister and candidate for president Laurent Lamothe issued a press release... Read it here...

Laurent Lamothe giving his resignation speech, 13 December 2014

Press Release from the Communication office of Candidate Laurent Lamothe, Friday 12 Jun 2015

For political reasons, in order to spread division and instability in Haiti, The CEP has published a list of partisans that clearly shows how the 2015 elections will be a selection operation.

The CEP's decision to remove me as a candidate for president, it is a decision that violates the electoral decree and the amended constitution of the country.

I wanted to warn the general public of this plot, it is a conspiracy against the Haitian people, against the hope of youth, against our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, against all Haitians, against the Haitian workers in the bateys, the peasants, workers, school teachers, students, all Haitians, Haitians who want to establish democracy in peace and progress.

I vigorously denounce this exclusion scheme.

This must change!

It is time for injustice to end in the country!

It is time to end fraud so honest citizens can get together and change the living conditions of the people they have made so poor.

I will continue to fight to defend the interests of the Haitian people.

The people are tired of hunger and tired of living in insecurity and poverty.

The people demand that their rights be respected, rights for all citizens, all Haitian in Haiti and abroad.

The Haitian people demand free, fair and inclusive elections so they can choose a great leader who will work hard to give them a better life.

In a democracy, it is not a tiny group that gives power. It is the people who gives power...

Long live Haiti!

Long Live Democracy!

This press release was translated from Haitian Creole by BelPolitik.com

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