Haiti Elections - Kick JOVENEL OUT, That's what the Opposition Wants - True or False?

Haiti Elections Update -- There are many opposition leaders asking for a commission of verification of the recent elections but what they are really saying, without saying it clearly is: Kick JOVENEL Moise OUT the race so one of us can WIN...

Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant
Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant

Jude Celestin wants the man who got more votes than him OUT of the race so he can become president...

Moise Jean Charles want Jovenel Moise OUT of the race so he can go to the second round of the elections with Jude Celestin and he thinks he can beat Jude Celestin and become the next president of Haiti.

Maryse Narcisse of the Lavalas party who has been very quiet these days, she thinks she is the winner...

QUESTION: Do you believe this is really about a commission to verify elections OR... Do you think this is a race to KICK Jovenel out of the presidential race because, who ever wins, they all win???

What do you think about that?

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Paula Bobo says...

La belle creole, you understand nothing.

Find yourself a job to do.
Read a book, go back to

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Cheria says...

Yes that is what they want! Maybe the peasants will fight for their rights or maybe not. Either way, there will be senseless bloodshed and no real democracy.

Dream on if any of you believe the international community gives a hoot about Haiti.

They just want someone in the president's chair so their business in Haiti can continue as usual.

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La Belle Creole says...

Franck, you still believe in the international?

It's so

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Bernadin says...

Sow di se vre men opozityon an byen konte mal kalkile paske kelkeswa le eleksyon an fet jovnel ap president paske li gen bon projet pou sosyete ya politik late se tre bon, si peyi a gen travay nou pap bezwen al pran imilyation Kay lot

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Neglakay says...

If Jovenel Moise was truly qualified to be in the second round, the commission will confirm that. Now, we need a fair analysis of the 2015 votes to make sure that the truth and only the truth is revealed.

Jovenel can not be kicked out unjustly.

However, if the alleged fraud is proven, true Haitians must stand by the truth and support what is right and

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Paul Bance says...

Haiti needs a president who can bring jobs with a minimum wage of $3 an hour. Haiti needs a president who can bring electricity in the whole country.

Haiti needs a president who can put buses on the road in every department.

Haitian people, vote for a President who can bring change for

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Jean says...

The opposition wants to kick him out by fear of loosing the elections and that is the only way for them to win.However, if the actual government kicks him out, it is going to be more riots in the streets.

If the kick him out also the the senators and deputies will have to go. The whole problem can be solved right now if the G8 stands behind Jude to face Jovenel.

The G8 has a better chance to win the elections.

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Franck says...

They want Moise out. But the International is

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Herman says...

Jovenel Moise should stay in their

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