Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin threatens to withdraw, GOOD for Moise Jean Charles

Haiti Elections Update - If Candidate for President Jude Celestin Withdraws, it could be a Moise Jean-Charles vs. Jovenel Moise Round 2 Election... According to news reports that's what Jude Celestin intends to do... Moise is probably sitting somewhere saying: "Meilleur pour La France!!!"

Haiti Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin ou vs Moise Jean-Charles
Haiti Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin ou vs Moise Jean-Charles

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Jude Celestion ak MENASE pou li PA ale nan 2eme tour, Si misye fè sa, Se Moise Jean-Charles ki pwal nen 2eme tour ak Jovenel Moise dapre atik 43.1 dekrè elektoral la... Kisa ou panse de sa???

What do you think about that?

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Jean Pierre says...

Jovenel Moise sanble plis kalifye k tout lot misye.

Li plis sanble avek repons peyi D'Ayiti ap chache

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Jean says...

The thing is Jude would win against Jovenel while Moise JC will lose against Jovenel.

Think about

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Jean Hubert Toussaint says...

These people should know whichever the winner is, they must accept the

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Mary Charles says...

Aysyen ap file yon move koton ak zafe Moise Jean Charles la. Se tris, se malere, yon pep san memwa kondane poul repete tout tan menm ere yo. Lapres ki ta sipoze sevi de memwa pou pep la poul pa toujou tonbe nan menm sityasyon yo li menm tou pa gen memwa.

Yo bliye sa yo te pran tou. Fwa sa se pa babouket selman lap pran...

Nap gen pou nou we. Viv Moise Jean Charles pou la pe ak demokrasi...

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Mary Charles says...

Haiti foutu...

Se eleksyon nou tap mande pou demokrasi blayi, fwa sa se pa blayi selman demokrasi ap blayi: se eksploze lap eksploze.

Nap jwenn demokrasi pou nou ekspote.

Viv la pres..

Viv asasen..

viv san zantray..


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Cheria says...

Pauvre Haiti!!! Jude Celestin is unbelievably childish-but what else is to be expected from a murderer, a bonafide criminal.

I think these losers prove that Haiti is not ready for democracy since even the presidential candidates do not understand that in a democracy, there is a winner/loser! Jude refuse to go through a second round because he knows he doesn't stand a chance.

Like a Dictator, he wants to just waltz into power.

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William Jean-marie says...

WOW!!!!! Now that's not good for Micky and friends.

Now Haïti will burn if they try the same tactics as before.

Can you say

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Turenne says...

Et advenant que Moïse Jean-Charles ne gagne pas! Va-t'il accepté sa

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Fabonord says...

Koze kredi pagen yonn nan yo ki pwal ba Miky chance poul mete moun

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