Haiti - Elections is a dishonest game (Jwèt Koken), Reynold Georges says...

After registering his political party, Alyans pou Liberation ak Avansman Haiti (ALAH), to participate in the coming elections, former Duvalier attorney Reynold Georges said: "elections in general as a dishonest game"... yon Jwèt Koken... Democratic elections is BS, he says...

PHOTO: Reynold Georges - Haiti Attorney

Here is what Reynold Georges told the media in Haitian Creole (translation below):

"Election se toujou yon jwèt koken, se yon jwèt koken election ye... Pinga yon moun fè tèt ou illusion, election democratique... bagay sa yo se bagay pou fè ti bebe dòmi...

Mwen nan bagay yo depi an 1983 mwen wè koman bagay yo fèt e lè yon moun ou au pouvoir, ou toujou vle gade pouvoir... Petèt si-m te nan plas la tou m te ka fè menm bagay la tou...

Mwen panse President Martelly ap eseye fè ti pas kout tankou Aristide te fè-l... men nou menm n-ap veye... Se pou tout moun vijilan... Nou sou teren an lontan... nou konnen... e n ap veye... epi n ap organize nou pou nou pran pouvwa a..."


Election is always a devious game, it's a devious game... So do not bind yourself to illusions... Democratic elections, that's just something to put babies to sleep...

I've been doing this since in 1983 and I see how things are done and when you are in power, you want to remain in power... Perhaps I was in that position I would do the same thing...

I think President Martelly is trying to do short pass just like Aristide did... but we're watching ... Everyone be alert... we are organizing to take power...

With a devious giggle, Reynold Georges told the Haitia media he is not ready to say who will run for president within the party.

What do you think about that?

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

There are two different kinds if game in big countries and the third-world countries' elections: the big countries have competent candidate full of knowledge and college educated, and people who care for their countries--on the contrary, the third- world countries' elections are full with incompetent individual including those so-called college educated, and most of those people are from the gutter.

Have somebody well educated from the élite group will always do some how better than the one who comes from nothing like Aristide.

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Ruben Charles says...

In Haiti like in most of countries around the world, there never had election.

They had ( SELECTION ) Do not fool yourself.

I know what I am talking about.

General Kebreau and I selected Duvalier instead of Dejoie.

Like the State Department select the Musicien instead of the scholar Mrs

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Patrick Princivil says...

I like that game,

because after 1986 dogs with two legs never have a plan to develop Haiti properly, just stealing but President Martelly make a difference whatever game he plays we want him for minimum 15 years.

If President Martelly play games he plays games to save Haiti, but the opposition party's game is to destroy Haiti, we don't want them, President Martelly have the cake and he share that cake better than Lavalas, Duvalier, MOPOD ak Inité just shut

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