Haiti Elections - Haitian RED Cross denies Ambulance Involvement of in Election Fraud

Haiti post-elections update -- In press release Thursday, the Haitian Red Cross denies any involvement in operations where its ambulances were carrying fraudulent electoral ballots to stuff ballot boxes in voting centers in the 25 October 2015 Haiti elections...

Ambulance in Haiti

Haiti Election FRAUD - La Croix Rouge Haitienne DEMANTI zafè Ambulance tap bwote Bulletin rantre nan centre de vote yo... Societe National Croix Rouge Haitienne bay list 41 ambulance ki te nan tout peyi a ap bay sèvis ijans jounen electoral la... yo bay non chofe yo, nimewo plak machin yo, ak ki kote yo te plase jounen electoral la... Kisa ou panse de sa???

One day after the elections, some candidates came out with a conspiracy theory that ambulances were involved in a massive ballot box swapping to favor a specific candidate.

In this note, the Haitian Red Cross has released the geographical positions of all its ambulances across the country, their license plate numbers, and the names of the drivers of each ambulance.

Haitian Red Cross director Jean-Pierre Guiteau confirmed that his organization had total control of all its ambulances during election day.

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Cheria says...

ou pa tande! fwa sa yo youn pap sis! se vote pou pep la vote'w e pep la deja pale. Tout kote yo passé pou fe dezod, kontinye demanti yo e avili yo...

se youn ban mechan.

yo pa

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Haitian RED Cross denies Ambulance Involvement of in Election Fraud edit

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