Haiti Elections - G8 creates a NEW Mobilization Unit and Promises MORE Street Protests

Haiti Elections Update -- The G8 contesting presidential candidates has just created a new "Table de la Mobilisation de l'Opposition Démocratique" whose mission is to lignt the fire of Manfiestation in Haiti... MORE street protests against the elections in Haiti...

Haiti G8 Opposition Candidates for President
Haiti G8 Opposition Candidates for President

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - G8 la fèk kreye yon nouvo "Table de la Mobilisation de l'Opposition Démocratique," Mission yo se: MANIFESTATION PI RED... Pap gen bon Election ak Martelly... FOK Martelly Ale... Kisa ou panse de sa???

This new entity has announced MANIFESTATION in the streets 03, 05 and 08 December 3rd, 5th, and 7th... Their mission is to rekindle the fire of mobilization to defeat a plan by the people in power to establish a dictatorship in the country...

Ultimately, the G8 wants Martelly out of office while he only has a couple of months left... Their reason is: The Martelly government CANNOT organize credible elections...

What do you think about that?

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Duval says...

Desanm pral rive Raketer politik enrage deye kob ..yap fr tte sa yo konnin pou yo fr kob...yo tte sou

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Cheria says...

Because I am ashamed to admit that Haitians are inherently stupid and our lust for power and our greed for material riches blinds us to and bar us from ever doing anything simply for the betterment of someone or something...

As much as we like to beg for handouts, we are not very free hearted with charity...look at the streets of PAP, a beggar will more often be ignored than given a crumb!! Such too is the case with our ridiculous politics.

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Benisoi Calou says...

Bann Zobop la ak bann Sanpwel la ap metter deyor ankor pou saison Noel la.
Ouvri legliz, fai yo prier, fai yo fai jeune pou Jude entrer nan deuxieme rond.
Satan entrer nan tete yo, yo pa guin yin limiere, yo just bezouin pouvoi nan nimporte fasson.

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K1000 says...

«Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes »
Nous, militants sincères qui luttons toujours
Pour une meilleure Haïti, comment

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Yves Lamy says...

These false intellectuels people are in Haïti just for the destruction of the country.

Manifestation upon manifestations are beneficial for the fake politicians while the poor people benefit nothing.

What kinds of advancements they have done for the people.

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

Ne peut-on pas qualifier ces actions de TERRORISTE, et les classifier comme tels, contre tous ceux qui projettent de faire du grabuge?

Jusqu'à quand ces bandits vont-t-ils priver le peuple de vivre paisiblement et au pays de progresser dans la dignité?

Quelqu'un peut-il les faire voir raison dans l'intérêt de la

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Subject: Haiti Elections - G8 creates a NEW Mobilization Unit and Promises MORE Street Protests edit

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