Haiti Elections - Fanmi LAVALAS is Ready to Sweep the Elections and Return to Power

Fanmi LAVALAS is ready to return to power, Lavalas leader Louis Gerald says, that is why they are mobilized to ensure the coming elections are credible, honest, and democratic...

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Louis Gerald Giles warns if the legislative elections are held in this climate of insecurity it could turn out to be a "Bouyi Vide" elections...

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Louis Gerald Giles said this in Haitian Creole:

"Fanmi Lavalas toujou di-l... Se atrave des elections libre, honete et democratique ke nou toujou pran pouvwa... Fanmi Lavalas ap toujou kenbe motive li, se emportan pou nou kontinue mobilize pou nou jwen satisfaction certaines revandications sociale... Se sel vwa saa ke nou konnen pou nou tounen au pouvoir... Nous sommes prets pou retourner au pouvoir de facon démocratique et constitutionel...

TRANSLATION: Fanmi Lavalas always says it is via free and fair elections that we always come to power... Fanmi Lavalas will continue to mobilize so that certain social demands are met... Elections is the only way we know to return to power and we are ready to return in a democratic and constitutional fashion...

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Fefe says...

Di famnmi lavalas chache yon kote pou all

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

The lavalas crew shouldn't be part of Haiti's election due to Aristide.

Aristide is the head of the thugs, thieves, bandits, kidnappers, and

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I would personally like to see a coalition of Fanmi Lavalas and Pitit Dessalines elected for office in Ayiti.

These 2 parties can work together to best serve the people and to kick out the illegal occupiers and rebuild the nation for Ayiti's people at home and in the diaspora.


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Regina says...

zombi ki rele aristid la le pou yo vini pran li ankor se li kap kraze payi ya. lap fe boul je li tankou lougarou a aristid papa kaka kite fout payi a anrepo djol ou gros pase papa kochon lougarou sale.mem fanm sa ou genyin an pa samble ou. come se zombi ou ye ou mete li nan fouk ou pou li pa

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Max Mondesir says...

Charge saa trop loud poum porter?Moin metter li ater

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