Haiti Elections - How will CEP Handle 'Mandataire' Madness on Elections Day?

Haiti Elections Update -- With 54 candidates for President, the electoral council (CEP) has come up with a plan to handle the obscene amount of 'mandataires' (representatives) expected to bum-rush the elections bureaus next Sunday... Election day...

Haiti Caricature - Vle PA Vle, MEN Eleksyon sou nou...

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Tande kijan KEP a pwal jere latriye Mandatè ki pwal genyen nan elections presidentiel 25 Octobre 2015 la... Mandatè yo twop, KEP a deside fe yon tiraj o sò jou election an, chak dezè d tan yon group 10 mandatè ap ka rantre... ou kwè sa pwal mache nan lòd ak disiplin? Kisa ou panse de sa???

With 54 presidential candidates all wanting their representatives to observe the presidential, legislative and municipal elections on 25 October, Where do you put then all when the majority of voting bureaus so cramped?

"Par Relève," says cep director Molser George, a bunch at a time...

Here is the plan...

On the morning of October 25 before the opening of the polls, a random drawing will take place around 6:00 AM between all accredited representatives. They will proceed to the to the voting stations in groups of 10 every two hours to monitor the voting process...

Knowing my beloved politicians... I guarantee you, they will have a problem with this..

I am right? or am right???

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Subject: Haiti Elections - How will CEP Handle 'Mandataire' Madness on Elections Day? edit

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