Haiti Elections Crisis, NOT OUR FAULT, G6 Senators Said

When it comes to the Haiti pre-electoral crisis in Haiti, the group of 6 (G6) Senators accept NO responsibility for that... In fact they accused the Executive branch of being UNWILLING to hold elections... Whose fault is it? Are we still playing that game in Haitian Politics?

Haiti Caricature - Group 6 Senatè yo pap ale nan Eleksyon ak Gouvenman Tet Kale a

As it stands right now the only ingredient missing for elections to be held in Haiti is a vote on the Amendment of the "Loi Electorale" (electoral law) by the Senate and the only senators who refuse to vote are the Group of 6 Senators BUT... It is not their fault...

Why not?

According to AHP, the group of six opposition senators equated the refusal of President Michel Martelly to respond positively to the request of the senate for the resumption of dialogue, his lack of will to create conditions conducive to the holding of new elections conditions.

While everyone is playing the game "Whose fault it is," the fact remains that time is running out and there is NO sign of elections in Haiti...

What do you think about that?

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Bernard says...

Sou nempot ki fom sim ta nan plas mesye sa yo mouin pa tap janm ouvri bouch mouin pale.Neg yo oue yo pa regle anyin pou pep la menm yon propozisyon lwa mouin tande gwoup 6 fe .Neg yo se ront yo ront kounyea paske yo konnen yo pap eli

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