Haiti Elections - Arnel Belizaire + 13 other Candidates KICKED Out, CEP Press Release

Haiti Post Elections Update -- Candidate for Senator Arnel BELIZAIRE and 13 other candidates for Depute has just been kicked OFF the legislative elections according to a press released from the Electoral Council (CEP) for their BAD BOY behavior during the 09 Aug 2015 elections day... AND this is only the beginning...

Depute Arnel Belizaire, machette a la main, nan Manifestation Haiti Jeudi 19 Juin 2014

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Arnel BELIZAIRE Deyò nan election an PLIS 13 lot Kandida ankò Remise a ses parents dapre yon nòt ke KEP a mete deyò... Babay Nicole!!! Kisa ou panse de sa???

Here is the official press released from the CEP translated from French:

The Provisional Electoral Council informs the general public, political parties, political groups and candidates in particular as a result of acts of violence on election day of August 9 that happened in several electoral districts, on the report of the commissions and after deliberation by the Council candidates are written off in accordance with Article 119 of the electoral Decree.

The following is a provisional list of candidates kicked out for violating Articles 196, 199, 203, 213, 214 and 218 of the Electoral Decree of 2 March 2015.

  1. BELIZAIRE Arnel (APLA, Candidate for Senator, West Department)
  2. FRANCOIS Tony Antonelly (PHTK, Candidate for Depute of Port-de-Paix)
  3. DORLEUS Gergot (RENMEN AYITI, Candidate for Depute of Savanette)
  4. MOISE Frantz (ADRENA, Candidate for Depute of Marigot)
  5. LUBIN Jean-Claude (PITIT DESSALINES, Candidate for Depute of Mirebalais)
  6. DESGROTES Jean Franchi (VÉRITÉ, Candidate for Depute of Mirebalais)
  7. DORÉLIEN Fantal (FANMI LAVALAS, Candidate for Depute of Mirebalais)
  8. JEAN-PIERRE Jephté (FUSION, Candidate for Depute of Chardonnière)
  9. PREVILON Lionel (PHTK, Candidate for Depute of Desdunes)
  10. ALTENOR John (AAA, Candidate for Depute of Grande Saline)
  11. FREDERIC Ozite (PHTK, Candidate for Depute of Grande Saline)
  12. DESHOMMES Wilbert Joseph (VÉRITÉ, Candidate for Depute of Grande Saline)
  13. GAMANIEL Placius (KID, Candidate for Depute of Grande Saline)
  14. ROMULUS Marc Faublas (PHTK, Candidate for Depute of Saut d'eau)

See the .

Wait... There's more!

The record of these candidates will be forwarded to the prosecutors offices (Parquets) of the concerned jurisdictions so they can follow up according to the law...

Hmmm... Men li fout!!!

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (3)

Fernand Etienne says...

that guy should arrested immediately for sedition, port illegal d'arme de guerre, association de malfaiteurs...No more parlementaire

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Galujo Charles says...

Vole pa janm aksepte pou yo di yo se vole. Kounia tout neg sa yo ap di yo se anfannke, se ti inosan, yon bann ti lanj yap fe manti sou do yo. Yon kandida ki deklare li gen tout kalite zam nan menl, ki demontre sal ka fe deja nan manifestasyon popile, jodia se pi gwo sen...

A la traka

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Bonhomme says...

L etat de dwa pa existe depuis 1986 tout se demagoji cep sa pagen moral yon ti election local yo paka organize yo tout net se pou ONG et zanmi yo yap travail Adios Haiti Adios

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Arnel Belizaire + 13 other Candidates KICKED Out, CEP Press Release edit

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