Haiti Elections - Just when we though the CEP was Completed, More complications

I wanted to tell you that the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has been completed and President Martelly issued an "Arreté Présidentiel" Naming the two new members of the CEP and this time it's Election Tet Dwat... BUT... Unfortunately there is more trouble in paradise...

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box

I read on Le Nouvelliste that Haitian senator Pierre Francky Exius complained that President Martelly did it all wrong... His Arreté Présidentiel named the two new members of CEP but he should have named all the members...

What does that mean?

Is that enough to say that the CEP is not legit? Ask Pierre Francky Exius...


The group des six (groupe of 6) senators who are flat out against all the maneuvers that the executive is doing to hold elections in Haiti are still NOT in agreement with this CEP even with the new changes. These senators want an Electoral council that is created according to Article 289 of the Haitian Constitution.

Are these guys just creating more Elections delays? trying to discredit the efforts of the Government to hold elections? or is it something else?

One thing is clear... Some people DO NOT want to go to elections with Michel Martelly as president.

If you think I am wrong, please help me understand what is going on...

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Just when we though the CEP was Completed, More complications edit

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