Haiti Elections - BCEN Judges demand $1.5 million gourdes before deliberating

Haiti Elections Update --- Have you heard? - The lawyers and judges at the Bureau du contentieux électoral national (BCEN) demand a payment of 1.5 million gourdes and 1.2 million gourdes respectively, EACH, before they release their decision on who will participate in the upcoming elections for Senator and Depute, including the fate of first lady Sophia Martelly as a Senator... What the???

Haiti Caricature - Kandida aliyen pou jwen ti pati pa yo nan lajan k ap bay pou elections

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Juges ak Avoka BCEN yo mande 1.5 million gourdes CHAK avan yo bay decision yo sou zafè kandida konteste yo pou elections Senatè ak depute... Men li FOUT... LOL... Kisa ou panse de sa?


According to information confirmed by three sources well placed in the CEP, the six lawyers who sat on the BCEN require 1.5 million gourdes each and the three judges in the Court of Appeals 1.2 million gourdes before signing their deliberation. Result: the decisions of the BCEN will not be known until the outcome of this situation. The CEP plans to meet Tuesday on the matter.

Say what???

One of the sources told Le Nouvelliste: We did not formally signed a contract with them before forming the BCEN. It was during their work that they decided what the CEP will give them as fees"

There you have it folks, 1.2 and 1.5 million gourdes to each, some of them "fonctionnaires de l'Etat" (state employees) with a monthly salary who are currently staying in fancy hotels and being fed gourmet meals while they work at the BECN...

1.5 million gourdes??? Jeeeezzzzzzz!!!

What do you think about that?

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