Haiti Elections 2014 - Mirlande Manigat Questions the Sudden Pressures from the International Community

Former Haiti Presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat does not approve of all the pressure the Haitian authorities are getting from the United States to hold elections in 2014.

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

Mirlande Manigat says the International Community is a bit late in making this decision to apply preassure for elecitons that were supposed to he held 3 years ago.

Mirlande Manigat says:

"What I am asking the International community is, why all of a sudden you are pressing for elections... Last year you didn't do it, two years ago you dind't do it, 3 years ago you didnt do it... Why today there is a "mache présé, fok election fèt, fok election fèt, fok election fèt, " (call for speed and elections is a MUST)"

"Where were you?"

"Moun nou mete nan pouvwa a, moun n-ap dirije a, moun nou gen influence sou li a, pou kisa nou pat bay presyon sa yo ane pase... Poukisa se konye a nou vle peyi a rantre nan yon affaire d'eleciton quel que soit jan election an fèt... Jan'l pase'l pase???"

Kisa-w panse de de sa Mirlande Manigat di-a?

What do you think about the statement made by Mirlande Manigat?

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All Comments (6)

Manu says...

mwen menm, se pou internasyonal la mwwen ye, mwen pa pou younn an haiti, yo tout se voler yo ye. si nou te konnen sa neg sa yo ap fe ak haiti, nou tout nou tap di MINUSTAH pran peyi-a tande.

mwen pa ni pou marthely ni pou lavals, ni pou duvalier.

mwen menm mwen pou ayiti.

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Fifie says...

I agree with M. Montina's comments.

I might add that the plan has long entered into the logical execution phase.

However, as long as there are concerned Haitians alive, there is

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Gerard says...

Où était l'Internationale depuis tout ce temps?

Quelle est l'anguille sous rôche que ces " grands amis d'Haïti " nous cachent.

Quelle couleuvre elles veulent nous faire avaler maintenant?

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Andre Lafond says...

The opposition is not for elections.

They are only for political turmoils.

They want to destroy the country and the Haitian people which they hate so much. They prefer a coup d'état to democracy.

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Cliff Simon says...

Keksyon Miland Manniga poze a gen sans, li ta dwe jwen yon repons.

Mwen sezi mwen we entenasyonal la poko di lap koupe viza pou li ka fe mesye opozisyon al chita nan yon kwen.

Mwen sezi anbasad ameriken an poko pase lod final

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Michelet Montina says...

La communauté Internationale n'a qu'un plan pour Haiti, celui de nous réduire à néant. Tôt au au tard nous le verrons, et ce ne sera plus possible d'y remedier.


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