Haiti Election Day 2010 - Kisa-w Tande?

Haiti Election day 2010 has started since 6AM this morning, Sunday November 28, 2010. So far everything seems to be happening in a peaceful manner and people are going out to vote.

Radio stations in Haiti are saying that there are however some irregularities noted so far

For example...

In Mirebalais, there is is one voting booth missing (Bureau de vote), reporters say.

In the Jacmel area there are some mix ups reported with the ballots (Senateurs/Deputes)

In kafou Turene (Gonaives North Entrance) there was a shot fired this morning and voters were scrambling for their safety

In Dedune, shots were fired last night, no one knows why.

It's been reported that MINUSTAH and the Haitian Police Nationale are patroling the cities and towns in Haiti to ensure that the Elections happen peacefully.

If you hear anything .

What is your opinion about Haiti Election day so far?

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Wafner Francois says...

Don't talk about election, please.

I think you all know what elction is.
Mandate pa ka antre nan biwo
Bwat biltin ranpli davans
Moun al vote yo paka vote soidisant non yo pa nan lis
This is shame for our country.This mascarade leads the country in another

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Marcy Paul says...

How come we did not preventing what is happening today?

We know Preval will, would, could do whatever he has to do to prevent anybody that his not from his clan to be president.

Where are the journalists?

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Marc Paul says...

The fact mme manigat was in head sence a couple month, I believe she will be president haiti.

In also 20 years ago she is qualified to be president, even if she is doing nothing for haiti.Now haiti need a new face, a new idea.Pour ne pas dire une nouvelle

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