Haiti Election 2010 Is Over - What Do You Think?

This is it... The end of the Haiti 2010 electoral process. Who will be the next president of Haiti?

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What?

Here is what being reported so far...

Note: We've decided to retract a part of this article about vote counts reported on Haitian radio Kyskeya in order to conform with the wishes of the Haiti Electoral Council to NOT speculate about vote counts before a formal announcement is made.

What is your overall opinion of the election today?

Is there anything in your mind that you would like to share with us about the election?

Who do you think will become Haiti's next president?

Who do you think ran a better campaign?

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Stanley Etienne says...

Tks so much Toussaint...maybe she got dumped by Martely

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Jeff says...

Nap kontinye plante pou yo, Jynee.

It does not matter what bridge we have to croos or what forest we have walk through or what waters we have to swim through, as long as the message is delivered.

Thank you for catching my vibe, i have certainly caught yours from reading your messages.

The names used are not important, but the messages are.


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Nancy says...

fed ou bezwen micky koupew

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Jynee says...


I tend to agree with you because vodou is a religion like any other and there will be people who use it to further their ends to the detriment of others.

there are good and bad people in all religions.

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Toussaint says...


What is that you are trying to accomplished by utilizing profanity and insults on the board?

Can you please demonstrate some respect for the other people on this posting board?

But most importantly, please respect

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Toussaint says...


My apologies if I'm misconstruing you, but I get impression from you that voodooism has no affiliation whatsoever with the leader of the fallen angels, Lucifer.

Consequently, if you are not disassociating voodooism from the lord of evil (Satan), then please enlighten me of how an individual who practices voodoo, a follower of the devil, and who is evilly spirited exhibit any sense of good-will toward another person?

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Nancy says...

rikado al kk wap chire salopri nap pare pou wou

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Jeffrey Fizpatrick says...

My point is, Toussaint, that may be we need to look at what people do in Haiti as a state of mind which produces certain actions contrary to the betterment of the society, as opposed to just blame it on voodoo.

The Mafia gets rid of competion by doing their own version of voodoo, don't you think?

Haiti needs lights in the environment and in the people's minds so that they can see. When your mind is thinking dark and your eyes are seeing darkness, it is easy to blame it on religion or some cultic practice or someone else.

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Toussaint Louverture says...

Jeffrey Fitzpatrick,

I don't care about the other countries and what they practice.

And my voodoo statement was directed only to us Haitians and our country.

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Jeffrey Fitzpatrick says...

What is Voodooism Toussaint?

Please explain it to me fully.

Take your time and elaborate on all its facades, i enjoy reading.

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