Haiti - Dominican Republic Close Down all 5 Consulates in Haiti

The Dominican Foreign Minister ordered all five Dominican Republic Consulates in Haiti CLOSED "due to constant assault which occurred in recent days against these diplomatic endowments...."

KREYOL: Haiti - Sen Domeng fèmen TOUT CONSULAT li yo nan peyi d'Haiti... Tout 5 Consulat Dominicain yo femen... akoz agression yo ap sibi nan jou ki pase yo... Kisa-w panse de sa?

For Haitians looking for a visa to go the Dominican Republic, that means NO VISA for you...

In a letter to Haitian Foreign Minster Duly Brutus, Dominican Foreign minister Andres Navarro wrote that the consulates will remain closed until the Martelly administration can guarantee the security they need to operate.

What do you think about that?

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Alice says...

I really wish they keep them close.

That's the only way Haitians can stop being insulted by Dominicans.

I pray they don't open them ever

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Zepedampanm Alix says...

No visa for Haitians peeps no money for them cause they make more money from us than anyone else so this is the deal or they coorporate or they do what they have to

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

Ricart, that is exactly what Haitians logic should be concerning Haitians who lost their dignities by keep going to DR. Dominicans made it clear that they do not want certain Haitian in DR especially the poor and the dark skin Haitians, and those Haitians don't get it. If they kept their asses home, we wouldn't be in this uncertain situation about Haiti and DR. So don't try to make yourself sound

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Ricart says...

"You know what as far as I know they all can go to hell."

Oh yeah, let wish all Dominicans go to hell, along with the thousands of Haitians that still live and work in the DR. Gotta love Haitian

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Le Jacmelien says...

Now they concern about their safety?

What about all those haitians that were killed and assaulted?


You know what as far as I know they all can go to

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Ricart says...

Haitians must have lost their goddamned mind, for real! Now they are picking a fight with the United States!

Opposition Protestors Hurl Insults At U.S. Ambassador To Haiti
Source: haitiobserver.com/blog/opposition-...

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Garry Destin says...

Well this is a good move. I believe the educated Dominican sees it all as stupid.

Their now president is an idiot white wanna

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Candy Rieger says...

Sad to see relations deteriorate like this; the immature and irresponsible behavior of a few idiots ruining opportunity and developing relations between the two nations.

The Dominican Republic is correct in looking after its citizens and employees; they really have no choice but to do as they've done.
I continue to pray for President Martelly -- what a burden is on his shoulders.

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