Haiti-Dominican Relationship - Hottest Topic on Haitian Radio Today

Pressure rises between the two nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic... Yo fè yon voye ban nou, nou fè nou voye ba yo tou... Following the lowering and burning of the Dominican flag by a Haitian protester at their consulate in Port-au-Prince, there was a series of events that followed...

KREYOL: Haiti - Zafè desann drapo Dominicain nan Consulat RD a Port-au-Prince la pa fe leta dominicain plezi ditou... yo di: Patience nou genyen limit... Kisa sa vle di dapre ou menm???

The Dominican government is pissed, they said: "Our patience has a limit..." What exactly does that mean?

Read First and strong reactions from the Dominican Republic from Haiti Libre

We heard on the radio that, following the burning of the Dominican flag, "La Marie de Port-au-Prince" offered a new Dominican flag to the Consulate of the Dominican Republic... So far Thursday afternoon, there is still no flag on top of the consulate and the consulate is closed.

That Haitian man who swapped the Dominican flag with his own "Bleu et Rouge" probably forgot that the confines of the Consulate is actually the Dominican Republic inside Haiti and that space cannot be violated...

What do you think about that?

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Moise Leon says...

nou mande pou tuot hayisyen ki nan dominikani retounen la kay yo mensi nou pa ka manje na met sel nan dlo na bwel depi tet pa ko koupe nap mete chapo kanmem, epi map tou profite pataje soufrans lan avec

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Garry Destin says...

Just close the border.

Ask all haitians to return home and kick all Dominicans out.
They are extremely ignorant to deal

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Subject: Haiti-Dominican Relationship - Hottest Topic on Haitian Radio Today edit

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