Haiti - Did Chikungunya Kill Lesly Manigat?

Breaking News... I just read an article that suggest that the Chikungunya virus might be responsible for the death of former Haiti President Lesly Manigat... The man was seriously ill and he was unfortunately infected with chikungunya, the disease Haitians call "Kase le zo" and that may have finished him off...

Leslie Manigat - President of Haiti - 7 Feb 1988 - 20 Jun 1988

Here is what I read from an article on hgnm.com

"Chikungunya can also contribute to the deaths of people with underlying health issues, Just last week, former Haitian President Leslie Manigat died after a long period of illness and a deputy secretary of his political party said his condition might have been complicated by a recent bout with the virus, the AP reported."


What do you think about that?

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