The Haitian Diaspora Cannot VOTE, it is ONLY as Important as an ATM Machine, Laurent Lamothe said

During Laurent Lamothe's press conference at the Little Haiti Cultural Center Wednesday, Filmmaker Godnel 'Babylove' Latus asked him: "If we, the Haitian diaspora, stand behind your candidacy for President, what will you do for us?" Lamothe replied by saying the Diaspora cannot vote in the Haiti elections and that makes it no more important than an ATM machine... If you cannot vote, you do not count...

Candidate Laurent Lamothe in Little Haiti, Miami

KREYOL: Haiti - Laurent Lamothe di Diaspora a pa pi important ke yon ATM Machine paske yo PA KAPAB Vote... Lè Diaspora a ka vote, se lè saa y'ap konte, lè saa vwa yo ap important... Lamothe di li posib ou diaspora a vote, se Leta Haitien ki pou aksepte vòt yo a nan ambassad ak consulat yo... Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to Candidate Laurent Lamothe, the Haitian Diaspora will only be taken seriously when they can vote in the Haiti Elections, when they can decide who becomes the next president of Haiti.

It is not an impossible task Lamothe said. The Haitian government simply has to allow the Diaspora to vote in the Haitian embassies and consulates around the world. When their vote count, the Diaspora will count.

The Haitian diaspora CAN vote a president into office, Lamothe said. He reminded the audience that Michel Martelly won the presidency with about 700,000 votes. with the sheer size ot the Haitian diaspora, They can certainly influence who becomes the next president of Haiti.

So... Maybe the Haitian diapora should pressure "l'etat Haitien" go include them in the electoral process... Then and only then will they have a real say in shapping the future of Haiti...

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Regina says...

President Lamothe I want you come to Boston.

No matter where you are I will be there.

You know one thing some of Haitian people do not know nice, clean and gentlemen.

Mr. President Lamothe all for you. I can not say you perfect cuz only God

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Amaresh says...

it's'the perfect desicion but this contry has to need the

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Romeo says...

A la neg audacieux...

Pouki ou pat mete tout reg yo an ordre pou diaspora te ka vote....

kounyea wap pran frappe wap krye ba diaspora a..


mpap pran

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I completely agree with this statement.

I would like to know who would be allowed to vote in these elections.

For instance, will I be allowed to cast my vote even though I was not born in Ayiti?


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Pierre says...

The whole electaral process in Haiti is a joke planned by the omnipresent national and international detractors who use Haiti as an ATM to fill their coffer.

The diaspora don't want to vote. They want the gvt to provide for the

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Herman says...

Haitian diaspora should be enabled to vote for the presidency
But what aboud double

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Subject: The Haitian Diaspora Cannot VOTE, it is ONLY as Important as an ATM Machine, Laurent Lamothe said edit

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