Haiti - Depute Gary Bodeau Tweets: President Privert's Days are Numbered

Haiti Transition Update -- Delmas PHTK Depute Gary Bodeau Tweets Wednesday: "The days of interim President Jocelerme Privert are numbered. Two solutions are available to him ... To be continued!" Say what???

Haiti Depute Gary Bodeau
Haiti Depute Gary Bodeau

KREYOL: Haiti - Depute Gary Bodau poste sou compte twitter li: "Les jours du Président provisoire Jocelerme Privert sont comptés. Deux solutions s'offrent à lui... A suivre!" 12:55 AM - 27 Apr 2016 --- Gen kèk jounalis ki gen tan ap analize ki 2 option sa yo ye laa? Kisa ou panse???

Some Haitian journalists are already analyzing what these "2 options" might be for President Privert.

Gary Bodeau Twitter: Les Jours de Jocelerme Privert sont Comptés

One option, a journalist said, is for Privert to walk away from the verification commission, the other option is for him to walk away from the presidency and let the prime minister in charge...


What do you think about that?

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Neglakay says...

Mezanmi pa gen wout pa bwa pou rezoud pwoblem eleksyon yo. Se verifye rezilta yo pou tabli laverite.

Sak pa ka we sa gen yon gwo pwoblem.

Privert pran yon desizyon saj le li mete komisyon an kanpe malgre presyon entenasyonal, PHTK, ak Palmante degrenngoch yo. Pou yon dokte trete w fok li jwenn sak fe w malad la. Eleksyon malachong fe peyi nou malad, nou dwe jwenn verite a pou nou trete pwoblem nan.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sé byen préparé pou nou krazé gren Privert, paské sé pran misyé ap chaché pran tout gato a pou

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Elizabeth Francois says...

Ooze sa a m pa kwe nap ka vale

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Elizabeth Francois says...

Ahahah!dat bouki te mouri nan sot.rete tande

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Neglakay says...

There may be many solutions available.

The wise one for all involved and for the country as a whole is to negotiate with the three branches of power(Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) in addition to the major political parties (lavalas and PHTK included) to allow the commission to establish the truth, apply its recommendations, maintain Privert and his government in office to organize the elections and maintain some stability.

Anything else will lead us to deeper chaos.

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Lafumen says...

tout ce caca kap fet ale nou tout lan

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