FLASH: Haiti - JOVENEL Moise di Lap Nan Manifestation MINUIT kont Privert la aswè Lundi a

Denye Nouvel... Haiti - Candidat a la presidence JOVENEL Moise di couvre-feu, pa couvre-feu, li pwale nan manifestation Entente Démocratique (ED) ap fe MINUIT devan palais national kont president Privert la...

Jovenel Moise Speaking
Jovenel Moise Speaking

ENGLISH: Haitian candidte for president Jovenel Moise made it clear he is going the late-night street protest being organized by the new consortium Entente Démocratique to help Jocelerme Privert realise his time has come, his term is over, he has to go whether or not there is a curfew... What do you think about that?

Kisa ou panse de sa?

Kite yon mesaj...

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Patrick Princivil says...

Dat map travay ak mésyé politisyen sa yo sou rézo a!

Si yo pa entélijan, yo pap janm entélijan anko.

Pa gen wout pa bwa, 53 pati politik té rélé anmwé frode: mwen dako ak tout sa, men koté prèv la?

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Concern says...

I do agree with Jovenel Moise his time is up, he needs to go. He was given the opportunity to make a change, but he did not get it done, it is time to move on as Martially did peacefully.

Let Martially back in place and stop the craziness, let the election roll. Why why are they so afraid to run against Jovenel Moise?

No do over let the election take

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - JOVENEL Moise di Lap Nan Manifestation MINUIT kont Privert la aswe Lundi a edit

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