Haiti - Can Aristide Bring Maryse Narcisse closer to the presidency?

The only time Lavalas presidential Candidate Maryse Nacisse really makes noise in the Haitian media is when ex-president Aristise comes out with her BUT is that enough to bring Maryse all the way to the National Palace as president of the republic?
Haiti - Eske ARISTIDE kapab fè MARYSE Narcisse Prezidan?

Aristide came out once with Maryse right before the 2015 elections and it was said in the media that she benefited a few extra votes from that. During the 2016 election do over, it seems Aristide wants to do more.

Do you think that will be enough for Maryse Narcise to win the presidency...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti - Can Aristide Bring Maryse Narcisse closer to the presidency? edit

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Saintil It not possible we do not need those kind of person to lead Haiti anymore
Reply · November 14 at 5:31 PM
Marie Nadine Pierre Jah love. This is a very optimistic perspective. And I sure hope and pray that it works. The problem is that she is polling in the single digits. And she is really far behind the... see more
Reply · August 31 at 3:40 PM
Peter Godson Sure, Maryse Narcisse and supporters should do everything in their power to elect Maryse Narcisse as the next President of Haiti. Your votes, your voice. Every other candidates... see more
Reply · August 31 at 12:16 PM

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