Haiti - Aristide Under Investigation, He CANNOT leave Haiti

Breaking News... Former Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide is banned from leaving the country because he is currently under investigation for corruption, misappropriation of public funds and drug trafficking... Say what???

Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sezi...

According to a news article from , Haiti's judicial authorities have resumed a criminal inquiry into cases of corruption, misappropriation of public funds and drug trafficking blamed on Aristide during his presidency between 2001 and 2004.

What do you think about that?

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Esteban says...

Sa se demagoji politik.

Aristid gin min li nan sa. Ya p fe yon similak ki pra l prouve misie pa koupab et ke tout rime sou li se manti pou li ka retounin sou sen'n la. Une fwa li refute tout akision asasina, drog, etc. Pa p gin peson ki ka enmerde l enko. Konsekans ka p giyi, se ke pot la ap ouvri pou jije lot pesonaj politik

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Ken says...

If so, it would be advisable to let Cliford Brandt talk as

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Fritz Mathon says...

I think it's a step in the right direction, meaning, if an ex President is suspected to have been corrupted and they have fact to back up the alleged crime, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of whether or not I was his supporter.

I believe in voting with my head, not with my heart.

No matter how nice a candidate presents himself to be, when it comes to picking a leader, i think the choice should be someone whop will fulfill the need of his followers, not someone we like, based on his nice words.

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Jimmy Noel says...

Seyon system pouri avek yon ban sanguin sepa li mim selman et lot yo for yo pran Preval tou a tout equip li ya moun yo fe peyi ya senti.

Yo kankou yon bann pousso ki lague nan yon Savann.

Gin le haitian pa konn ronte.Depi apres Sanguin rele Lescot wa se yon peyi kap dirige pa moun sa yo (exepte Estime) apres sa se yon bann La

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Johnny D says...

I have been asked many times by individuals, oh Johnny are you a Lavalas?! My answer is always NO, I ain't no FREAKIN Lavalas and will never be one. But lets be realistic here for a second, Aristide was the only Haitian president who has the gut to stand against France and other high power officials and demanded for Haiti's reparation and restitution.

Now you see a bunch of UNEDUCATED politiCHIEN an Ayiti ap vi'n ouver Dyol yo nan politic, leyo paka menm explike the Haitian' people poukisa peyi yo a nan eta sa toujou apre plus ke 200 ane independence.

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Jean says...

Aristide's doing well ! that is great! There is a time for every thing according Ecclesiastes, a time to be in paradise, a time to be in hell. So, let our dear former president enjoy

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mè wi papa!

Sé pou sa 6 Kamikaze yo ap baré gouvernement Martelly ak Lamothe la wi, yo di lidè sa yo sispan fè méchansté yo pa vlé kouté, pieds yo maré kounyé a, si yo té gen zèl yo ta volé, malheureusement yo pa zwazo; jou va jou vient kaka zyé pa lunettes; yon sèl chans yo genyen

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Stef says...

I like

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Candy Rieger says...

Let justice

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Ludmia Sou Facebook says...

Se telman nou pa kwe nan tet nou ki fè nap plede mete foto Mesye a konsa?

Oubyen se 1000 gdes ak yon asyet manje ki fè nap travail

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