Haiti and Dominican Republic leaders met in Jimani Friday to give Peace a Chance

Whenever problems arise between Haitians and Dominicans, it tends to get worse instead of better... There was a meeting between Haiti and the Dominican Republic Friday to discuss the ongoing problems between the two neighboring countries and to find a solution to these problems...

The meeting between Haitian and Dominican foreign Minister Duly Brutus Andres Navarro, took place in Jimani, a border town in the Dominican Republic near Malpasse.

One of the points discussed was the security of the Dominican Consulates in Haiti, closed for the past two weeks...

Present at the meeting was Haitian police chief Godson Orelus and few other Haitian diplomats.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

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Ricart says...

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

Why the main concern is the Dominican embassy?

BS! The main Fkn concerns should have been the FKn safety of the Haitians leaving in the Fkn DR. Who cares about DR embassy?

I can't stand those so-called diplomats.

Keep that shit closed and dismantle whatever diplomatic relation Haiti and DR had signed, and everybody will be happy.

Poor Haiti: full of incompetent, idiot, and

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Subject: Haiti and Dominican Republic leaders met in Jimani Friday to give Peace a Chance edit

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