Haiti 10,000 gourdes Income tax: The Diaspora and the poorest Haitians are not targeted, finance minister says

Haiti's finance minister Jude Alix Patrick Salomon says the 10,000 gourdes Income tax that everyone is talking about is not a way to target the Haitian diaspora and the poorest Haitians.

Jude Alix Patrick Salomon - Haiti Finance Minister
Jude Alix Patrick Salomon - Haiti Finance Minister

There was an error, he told Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste, and the error in the text is the fact that it accentuated on Haitians with a tax residence (domicile fiscale) outside of Haiti (the diaspora) when in fact it concerns every citizen!

Basically no one is exempt, everybody has to pay; however, if you income falls below a certain level, according to a Haitian radio station that an income below 60,000 gourd per year, you are exempt from paying an income tax.

But... If you make more than that, whether you live in Haiti or in the Diaspora, whether you are Haitian or a foreigner living or doing business or working in Haiti, and you want to process certain transactions in the country, i.e. buying/selling of automobiles, houses, import/export, passports etc... You will have to pay your taxes.

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Jean Pierrre says...

Haiti to a problem of scientific development.

Haitians are void in the field of science, so I decided to train 10,000 free young people who will learn to produce products in several sectors.

It will create thousands of businesses and jobs. You are young, you want to have your little factory, follow my training sessions in manufacturing products on October 30, 2018. It's free you will not have a dime to pay. Contact me for more info. Jean Pierre: researcher, developer for Google, amazon, creator of the first gallery-stones for Haiti, inventor, artist or simply "the man who can do almost anything" Call me or send me a text at: 509-48512354.

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Jean Pierrre says...

The development of Haiti is simple and easy by seeing the potential of our agricultural and mining resources.

Me with my 25 years of studies and research I can develop Haiti by creating companies and jobs. I do not speak to speak I do actions and I give evidence in the shows on channel 11, flash radio, rfm, scoop fm showing to the public my various discoveries.

I know 8 countries: France, Spain, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Santo Domingo, Cuba and Puerto Rico. I can tell you that unlike these countries Haiti is far from having such a structure, but we have assets that these countries do not have, namely: our resources and our climate.

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Tontonbob says...

Bitch slap that asshole.

60,000 gourde is $H12,000 is about $US1500 a year. No one can live on that or should be asked to.

After he is bitch slapped for a couple of weeks, impeach or fire

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Pat says...

It is more of a question than a comment
My curiosity pushes me to ask if that include any Haitian with a naturalized American or any other countries

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Subject: Haiti 10,000 gourdes Income tax: The Diaspora and the poorest Haitians are not targeted, finance minister says edit

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