Good News, Haiti is a Maturing Democracy - There is a SIGN...

With all the crazy things going on in Haitian politics these days, would you believe there is a SIGN that Haiti is a mature OR maturing democracy???


According to US Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Mertin there is a sign... a BIG sign...

So what is this sign of "Mature" Haitian Politics???

Burried in the last paragraph of an article by Voice of America, I read the following:

The ambassador [Kenneth Mertin] said there was no concern about two former Haitian leaders, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, living in their native land years after they were each forced into exile, describing the fact that both men are apparently staying out of politics as a sign that Haiti is a "mature, or maturing democracy."

La Grammaire Francaise: Analyse Gramaticale... LOL...

Sujet: Jean-Bertrand Aristide and former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier...

Verbe: STAYING out of politics...

Complement: Haiti is a "mature, or maturing democracy"

Sa-a se yon analyse grammaticale oswa yon analyse logiqe?

I was never good at this stuff... LOL...

I bet you didn't think that BabyDoc and Titid would represent the sign of "political maturity" in Haiti did you???

Moises Jean Charles... Prennez Note!

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Tokop says...

Donnons les

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Harold Fleurine says...

You have to think farther to undestand this comment the us embassador said, president Marthelly is the only president who show the sign of democracy in Haiti that never happen before that make all latino countries and around the world what happening in haiti right now.It a good news for

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Etienne says...

That's a good sign. That's also a sign that the two former leaders have matured as well themselves.

I'll give them credit for living a criet private life and for staying out of politic...maybe is because they both really love Haiti and want what is best for the country.

After all, we are talking about "Haiti Cherie, la perle des antilles" I would be quiet too so I don't get sent back in exile to a foreign country with cold

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Tidjolove says...

I agree with Sergo Jean, it is good news, not the fact they are not politically active, because they don't preach violence, division.

I can understand in any country there are opposition to the party in place, in Haiti we should do that with respect, and restore civility I can understand most of the times politic is about scoring point:we are the good guys, the other sides are bad guys;the most important thing is the well being of Haiti.

Right now it should be about reconstruction, investment,tourists, jobs,bringing new ideas.

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Ti Coq says...

La double

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Toma says...

Belle nouvelle.

MINUSTAH peut laisser le pays d'Haiti
maintenant, les Haitiens pourront
continuer la lutte contre le Colera
qu'ils nous ont inflige'

Glory to the

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Anderson says...

Se pa anyen yo genyen, yo we yo pa ka fe magouy, pou vinn vole lajan Peyi-a yap cheche tout ti defo pou yo akize yon lot.
yo tout met ale youn apre lot si se pou sa. ou panse si yo te vinn regle yon bagay serye se de natyonalite yo tap vinn

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Sergo Jean says...

I do support the topic, He is right but one thing I need to add, Aristide and Duvalier do not need to stay out of politics because we have a president ki gen dezi pou fe bon bagay pou fe peyi a mache tankou tout lot peyi cote mounn ka viv kelke soi pati politic ou group ke ou apateni.

Pou mwen se sa ki democrasi san excluzyon.

Prezidan dwe prepare rout pou tout neg ki di yo se lide pou paticipe nan elecsyon onet e pep pral chwazi mounn ki te fe bon bagay nan pase ou byen yo chwazi sa kite fe mal e se konsa mwen panse peyi a ap ka vanse san yo pa bezwen exclu ocun

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