Gaillot Dorsainvil DEPLANED From American Airlines Flight To Miami...

Haiti Electoral council president Gaillot Dorsainvil was removed from an American Airlines flight in Port-au-Prince airport bound for Miami and his passport was taken away... WOW...

Gaillot Dorsinvil

According to news reports, Gaillot Dorsainvil was sitting comfortably in the first class cabin when suddenly he was forced to debark.

Epi sa-k pa kontan... DEBAKE...
Sa-k pa kontan... DE-AVION-E...


If you think Haiti is not interactive and up to the minute think again... As Gaillot Dorsainvil was getting ready to board the Miami bound airplane, news of him "fleeing Haiti" was already on the internet.

Yo menm di ki rad ki te sou ki... LOL...

I say fleeing because Misye Dorsainvil tried to leave Haiti least than 24 hours after being fired from his post as president of the Haiti Electoral Council.

According to, the decision was taken by Haiti Government Prosecutor Constant Lionel Bourgouin.

Gaillot Dorsinvil's passport was taken away by Haiti immigration officials. While he was not arrested, he has to answer some questions to the prosecutor.

Why do you think Gaillot Dorsainvil tried so quickly to leave Haiti?

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Willi says...

it must be hard for you to steal money under the Martelly regime...all you dumb f..cks care about is whats in it for

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Martelly Supporter says...

Martelly is doing for Martelly and for the tonton macoutes.

Why he doesn't do something about those corrupt judges?

franklin montinat of Gressier, under commissaire Jean Claude Damblezel and the rest. F U

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Marie The Jonassaint says...

Ce Magouilleur merite d'etre en Prison pour tout le mal qu'il a cause au Pays avec les dernieres Elections de 2010 tout ceux-la qui veulent le defendre sont les memes vagabonds sans scrupules ils ne voient que faire de l'argent.L'impuni
ter doit finir dans ce pays si non on
pas de changement

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Normand says...

je ne suis pas au courant des faits concernant ce personnage mais pour une personne qui occupe un poste comme le sien et qui

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Jacques Cherenfant says...

It's only 3 days ago that I sent an open message to the Haitian to remain vigilant to the resuscitation of our country regarding the first step wich is putting good people in place through elections in order to well govern the nation affairs.When I heard that Mr Dorsainvil went to the C.E.P.,I was so mad and quickly, I wrote the message the best way I new how.I am happy that the government had everything in place long before reading my words.

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Myrtho says...

I don't know the reasons behind the sudden urge for Mr Gaillot to go to Florida but one thing I realize, if you have nothing to do with anything there no need for you to put yourself in that embarrassing situation .On the other hand if by some miracle you happen to get involve in some dishonest situation all you have to do is to stand and face the music.The running away to escape the reality of things never achieve

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

This is the problem we have in us, Haitians.

Escaping, running away from the heats that we creates in the kitchen.

Presidents, top Haitian officials and allied F U C K E D'UP and run abroad to safety.

They should cut his both legs and arms, he will not leave the country next time by his own will, i am sure of

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

that will be deal for mister gayo because he didn't do well enougth in the presidential elections in haiti in the year of 2010 in haiti, no president will keep him in that position as a leader, NONE.GOOD-BY MISTER GAYO SEE

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