FLASH: Haiti - Senator Andris Riche asks Privert to EXIT as did Martelly, step down on May 14

Haiti Transition Update -- Senator Andris Riche believe interim President Jocelerme Privert must step down and return the presidential sash to parliament the same way president Michel Martelly had to hand it over to Privert himself on 07 Feb 2016...

President Martelly, President Privert, Senator Riche
President Martelly, President Privert, Senator Riche

KREYOL: Haiti - Senatè Andris Riche di President Privert fè menm ti bagay Martelly te fè 7 Fevrier a, kite pouvwa a epi remèt echarpe presidentiel la bay parlement le 14 Mai menm jan Martelly te lonje li bay Privert devan palman an... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Privert to prove he has respect for public administration, Senator Andris Riche said while speaking to the Haitian media Tuesday inside the Parliament building.

What do you think about that?

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Neglakay says...


Pa gen wout pa bwa, se verifye rezilta eleksyon yo. Bay Privert Tan ki nesese pou travay la fet byen epi bon jan eleksyon pou tout kandida ki dwe patisipe, san magouy ni vole. Fok fwod elektoral fini.

Kominote entenasyonal la ak PHTK ki pa vle sa fet, se pwoblem pa yo. Majorite a mande-l e Privert sanble deja mare senti l pou l fe sa ki dwe fet yo. Alo Ayisyen konsekan dwe ede/fose Privert fe tout sakrifis pou jere peyi nou byen. Pa bliye nou se desendan moun yo rele Toussaint Louverture, Charlemagne Peralte, ak Jean Jacques Dessalines.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Pagen wout pa bwa, Privert paka fè travay la sé métél déyò rapid pou lòt kandida pwoviswa pi konpétan fè travay la. Nou pa menm sipozé kitél fè 3 mwa. Pap gen afè sa a nou prank! Nou pranl é nou pranl nèt. Sé flanké misyé déyò sail pa kanpé sou

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Paul Bance says...

Haiti has 10 departments and every department has a different problem to solve.

Right now, flooding in the North, malnutrition in some other parts of the country, mosquitoes disease in some parts, erosion, malaria, Aids, tuberculosis, illiteracy, transportation, etc. Haitian people, get together to get out of this underdevelopment stage that Haiti is suffering.

Haiti has the potential to become a great nation again but the Haitian people must learn to work together for the good advancement of Haiti.

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Haiti Quality Now says...

Privert is here to stay until he finishes his transition job. This is not an easy task, it may require three quarters to solve all the problems concerning the election process.

Get together with Privert to finish the Commission of Verification job. Every three months, he has to give a report on the election activities.

It may require three to four steps to finsh this job. He is on the first step. What is going with this transition?

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Neglakay says...

I am surprised Mr. Riche did not say to give him the sash since this parliament seems to think they are so trusted by the Haitian People to conduct the country's affairs.

Martelly and the Parliament?

came up with this idea to give us Privert and now Riche wants to be next. A true political dialogue is necessary to get the country out of this mess. This parliament can't be trusted to decide for the country.

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Senator Andris Riche asks Privert to EXIT as did Martelly, step down on May 14 edit

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