FLASH... Haiti Elections Scheduled for 26 oct 2014

GOOD NEWS... There will be ELECTIONS in Haiti in 2014... The Haiti Political dialogue at El Rancho is OVER, all parties involved have signed the accord, and finally, one of the 'E' they have all agreed to is ELECTION...

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What?

The El Rancho Agreement calls for the realization of Haiti elections for two-thirds of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies and local authorities, amendment of the electoral law...

So mark your calendars... 26 Oct 2014 is the date scheduled for the first round of the Haiti Elections

Will the elections happen as scheduled?

What do you think about this?

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

This is good

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David Grant says...

It is not a matter whether the election will take place as scheduled; it is imperative that it happens in time The constitution makes provision for this.
Let us hope it is free and fair; void of

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Subject: FLASH... Haiti Elections Scheduled for 26 oct 2014 edit

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