FLASH : Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe WINS at BCEN BUT Maybe he Did NOT, Confusing...

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Tries on Google Glass
Breaking News... Haiti Elections Update -- In a VERY confusing news reports by Haiti Radio Caraibes FM, Laurent Lamothe's verdict was read... Laurent Lamothe is IN... Lamothe is IN... BCEN Judges orders that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe's name be ADDED to the list of Approved Presidential Candidates... Then Minutes later the journalist said MABYE NOT...

KREYOL: Haiti Election - Laurent Lamothe kreye CONFUSION TOTAL nan decision BCEN lan... Jounalis jiskapresan pa konnen ki decision BECN pran sou Lamothe... Yon decision di KITE Lamothe Pase... 2 lòt decision di FLANKE misye deyò... Kisa ou panse de sa?

Haitian journalists are standing in front of the Electoral Council office going through a long list of "Par ces Motifs" in what seems like more than ONE judgements relating to Candidate Laurent Lamothe...

DID Laurent Lamothe WIN at the BCEN?

The best answer we have so far is: YES for 1 out of 3 judgements... One judgement said Lamothe is not responsible for the fact that there are no parliament to give him DECHARGE and therefore should be allowed to go participate in the upcoming elections BUT... There seems to be 2 other judgements AGAINTST Laurent Lamothe...

"There are two tribunals who did NOT play in favor of Laurent Lamothe," Caraibes FM journalist Guerrier Dieuseul said, "AND one tribunal decided in his favor..."

"CONFUSION TOTAL," Journalist Bob C. said...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: FLASH : Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe WINS at BCEN BUT Maybe he Did NOT, Confusing... edit

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