FLASH: Haiti - Arrest warrant issued against former President Rene Preval

Breaking news... A Haitian judge has just issued a arrest warrant against former President Rene Preval in connection to an ongoing investigation about ONA funds...

KREYOL: Haiti - ARETE epi FOUKE ancien President Rene Preval, se sa yon Juge mande... Non Preval site zafè lajan l'ONA ki fè wout kwochi...

Ex president Preval's name came up in the investigation. He was asked to respond to an invitation by the court and refused. Now judge Al Duniel Dimanche wants Preval arrested and brought to him...

What do you think about that?

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Gabart Leneus says...

Hi Woody what's up?It's Gabart.How ere you and the family?

Wednesday morning my mom passed away. After the result of the election "madann nan sezi tande Trump prezidan ke li rete li voyage pou peyi san

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Hen says...

is there ever a politician or an activist in the country that is not a thief a liar or a drug dealer including their accusers.

all of them fall in the same clan. and until that nasty name of Haiti/haitian be erased in the face of the earth that piece of land will continue to progress from bad to worse.That name need to be changed and until then don't bother.The haitian's mess is all over the world.The haitian name means self-hatred one that's why we hate each other we destroy even our closest immediate love ones. Somebody must be brave enough to change this piece of land we call a curse name of Haiti its country men has to behave acoording his name ( tout haitien se

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Paul Bonhomme says...

All EX presidents should build affordable housing for the homeless people of Haiti because they are millionaires.

All of them should create jobs in the fashion industry, the furniture industry, the hospitality industry in every town of Haiti, put buses on the roads with the money missing in the Haiti treasury.

Ask them to create jobs with the money, do not arrest them, do not incarcerate

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Pete Morisseau says...

lèw konmansé nan arreté x président pap gen respè ankô ?ouka inviter x président epi sil antô fèl peyé kôbla preval gin anpil lajan an nangletè?min pagin imiliation de

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. If Preval is wanted or arrested for money that is missing or stolen then Tet Kale Matelly and his wife should be locked up too. And they are also linked to cocaine trafficking, theft and other misdeed.


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Peter Godson says...

Nobody is above the law. He should give the money back. He should build affordable housing in every town in the South of Haiti for the homeless people dislocated by the earthquake 2010. Those people still have no homes, no jobs. He should build one hotel in every town in the South of Haiti for tourists to come during the winter in Haiti.

He should create jobs with the

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Hermann says...

About time they make justicie Work for the people make something positive come out of

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Magumbo says...

I don't known the reason, but the law of nature is we can never plant mango and reap sugarcane, in other words: if you do the crime, you must do the time. It takes all people contribution to make a country, an there a poor people putting in their 5 cents, and the so-called Elite getting away with murder.

It has to stop. We recently heard of people all round the world with their big accounts in off shore banks in places like

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