FLASH - Aristide Is Coming To Haiti This Thursday!

BREAKING NEWS - Ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide is expected to arrive in Haiti this Thursday, March 17 2011, Three days before the second round of the presidential elections...

Jean Bertrand Aristide - Soutn African Airlines

What impact will this have on the outcome of the elections?

Will there be an election now that an ELECTED president who NEVER finished his term is coming back HOME?

Let's wait and see!

This is NOT a false alarm... This is breaking news from Agence France Presse (AFP) quoting a source close to president Aristide who did not give any further details except for the fact that ARISTIDE IS COMING Thursday...

Now we have a Date!

Thursday, March 17 2011... Aristide is coming back to Haiti...

Man.... I home my DVD recorder works!

Is this for real?

Is this a bluff!

If you think this is Bull... Read this...

LAVALAS spokesperson, Marise Narcise, said via Haiti Radio Caraibes FM web site...

"Il arrivera avant le 20 mars en Haïti et nous sommes en train de finaliser les préparatifs... Le jour et l'heure seront communiqués en temps opportun"

Translation: "It will happen before March 20 in Haiti and we are finalizing the preparations ... The day and time will be communicated in due course"

Man... Haitian politics is so interesting these days... Sometimes I ask myself... OBAMA WHO? LOL

Is this a bluff?

Give me 48 hours and I will let you know!

In the mean time... Dim ki sa ou panse de denye nouvel sa-a...

Reply with your comments

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All Comments (49)

Jessica says...

Ala ti peyi sa. Li gin Kolera.

Li gin Fatra.

Lin gin

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Richelle says...

Nancy, poukisa se creole ou ecri plis. Se l'ecole creole ou te ye, l'cole haiti pa montre creol, wap fose scri Anglai a francais yo pa doit. Prete m grammar creole ou wa pou m ecri creole pi bien, paske m pa konnin ecri creole.You need to brushup your English before you write.Your English sentences do not make no sense, even prewriting make more sense when people read them. Maybe you need to get your ass back to school for good this time, stop being a bitch get educated.

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Josue says...

oupata kwe sa min li fe pintire kay li roz e blan. pitit fil ak madem li rinmin micky

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Nancy says...

ezabelle ou chire ou pe toro wa, tet kale gen cheve kounye

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Neg Guinin says...

Nan tout kote nan peyia gin fatra, gin kolera, gin baby doc, gin mizer, gin fe noi, gin kinaper, gin malveyan kap viole timoun, gin preval ki presidan; e byen ki pwoblem si titid rentre pou vin bay tikout main.
Mem siw tande enpil sesi sela dey bel ti pitit fil yo rinmin Michel martelly enpil enpil enpil.

Welcome home titid.

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Soule says...

Friends listen!(LIJECH)la ligue des jeunes cadres Haitiens, une association etablie aux Etats-Unis et en Haiti,(JLH)Je`n lide`Haiti,(FEUH)la Federation des Etudiants Universitaires Haitiens,(CRUCHS)le centre de reflexion Universitaires pour un changement social et(CERNAJH)le centre de reflexion nationale de la jeunesse Haitienne ont donnes une conference de press pour endosser officiellement la candidature de Michel Martelly.

YO komanse sezi chita tan nouve`l la apral vi-n sou ou tale`konsa.Vote e veye

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Sesalye says...

I must truly believe that Mirlande has a chance to be Preisident if she meets with Aristide is in Haiti today.

At the same time i must truly believe that she has no chance if Aristide is not in Haiti

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Nu Chimer says...

Yo gin vazlin yo pare min yo komense ap remonte kalson ak kilot yo. Kontinye netoiye fouk nou lap vini. Tout moush kon sa yo rinmin.

Lesli maniga te di yo se vomisman chien.

Al nan aeropo'a epi ret ten lap vini ak zeponl tou bande.

Ou pare pouw

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Vladimi says...

ou pale de kok kalite ak pentad.

pou mwen menm sa se yon blag

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Voyemonte says...

Go tell everyone the good news - Titid will be on stage at Champ de Mars to to sing a special song written by Wyclef call Ensanm Ensanm.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this breathtaking and once a life time performance by Titid.

There is also talk that T-Vice may ask him to sing one of those church songs in kompa style.

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