FACT: President Preval Is Staying In Power until May 14 2011

So you wanted to know if Haitian president Rene Preval is leaving on 7 Fev 2011... The answer it NO... Preval will be in power until May 14... His mandate has been extended but I don't know if you would call that en extenstion because...

Rene Preval Sworn in

FACT: President Preval was sworn in on May 14 2006.

LOL... Preval was elected for 5 years... NOT 4 years, 8 months, and 3 weeks... so li pran tout SINK AN li-a.. Ki problem ou?

Here is a good question to ask...

Will 14 May become the new 7 Fevrier???

Here is what I read in an BBC article: "Mr Preval's mandate formally ends on 7 February but he has parliamentary approval to stay in office until 14 May..."

Bon... This is assuming that the political situation changes in Haiti... For the better that is...

Se pa dat non preval ap pale de 3 mwa sa-a...

A Suivre...

What do you think about Preval's extra 3 months in power? Like you didn't expect it...

Reply with your comments

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

Definitivement Preval a trouve quelqu'une qui le defend.C'est triste.

Maryse Leon vous avez droit a votre opinion sans insulter personne comme moi J'ai le mien .La raison pour laquelle notre pays ne peut avancer parceque la majorite des haitiens ne veut pas entendre la verite .Quand il s'agit de la verite Nou voye pie. Laisse avoir un peu de respect pour l'une l'autre.Je ne vous connais pas ainsi que Preval et ses patisans, mais Je n'aprouve pas sa politique.

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Marise Leon says...

Ki kote President Preval ta prale?

Haitian people have no protocol.

Pa gin Instruction Civique et Morale en Haiti anko. Nou jouin, bande de SAINDINDIN, President Preval rappele'm de yon lot President ki te konnin Haitien byen. Bande de traite, Hypocrite, rat morde souffle.

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

I don't think Preval should stay in power till May 14.By staying in power till that date he mess up the Constitution.For the past 20 years he has been
working in the government he didn't give haitian people even water to drink.

He mistreat them by leave them for one year under the tents where haitian women and children get rap by lock of security.

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Josy says...

I do not know "the man", or what is truly in his heart so I cannot judge him. He was elected for five years, and it is only fair that he completes his full term. We all know nothing lasts forever, and every good thing must come to an end. It is obvious that he has no back bone, and others are pulling the strings.

We humans do not know when to quit, and make room for younger ones.with fresher ideas We want to live forever, govern, and will not go home peacefullyto our "FATHER".

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen conpran sa ou di a e mwen respecte l.men pa blie le 12 janvier 2010 palmante sa yo ou di mwen kite vote yo pat doue nan palman ayisyen paske manda yo te pran fin nan deziem lundi Mois janvier e yo pat gen doua pou vote ocun loi pou Haiti.

e se menm Preval sa kite di yon foua le OPL te an majorite nan palman li trouve palman caduc paske li te vle fe sa li vle avec Alexix ki te servi pou yon long tan com premier minis ratifier kite bawou Election Aritide te tounen sou pouvoi e pi Opozition an te mete Gerard Gourdes kom prezidan yon lot bo cote ou te gen Paul Denis kom chef defil avec Gerard Pierres Charles, Pieres Etiennes Evans Paul.Gade bien pou we, mwen gen inpresion tout neg sa yo se tret an Haiti, pousa yo fe peyi a pase cote yo tout kanpe cont Aristide epi yo fin detrui tout sa ki genyen pou pouvoi.

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Gaga says...

I don't know why Preval need another 3 months for. He thinks 3 months will make a better president?

or he has something in mind?

like shading more blood, creating more chaos between tonton macout and lavalas partisans.

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Mrs. Dimanche says...

Preval ap fe le pou Aristid tounin...pou li pa ale en exile.

nap suiv. se election fet 20 mars, que yo mete president 1er

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Ronald Altieri says...


Dapre sa'm konpren se parlementaire ki te vote en mars/avril/mai 2010?

pou preval teka rete juska mai si yon prezidan elu pa monte le 7 fevrier 2011.

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Franck says...

Presidential Candidate Manigat teach Constitutional Law says February 7 should be his last day and get a senior Judge to assist the 2nd round of the election.

Two temporary President has election and elect a president.

Aristide and Preval do you remember?

So why Preval has to stay. Get him out, and hurt him too to teach all of them a lesson that POWER IS NOT GOD GIVING

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Rudy Etienne says...

Does it really matter what we think?

The only power that we the "diaspora" have is the power of the purse because of our love ones in Haiti.

We will not abandon our family and Mr Preval knows that. They refuse to allow us to have a voice in Haitian politics and we can't vote...but as long as the money keeps coming he and all others before and after him will continue to mention "us" in passing.

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