FACT or RUMOR? - Nicolas Duvalier running for President of Haiti

News is spreading on the Haitian social media networks that Nicolas Duvalier, the son of former President Jean Claude Duvalier, is a possible candidate in the next Haiti elections, that could be running for some type of elected office in Haiti...

Keksyon: Si Ti Nicolas Duvalier ta poze kandidati-l pou yon post politik Haiti, eske sa t-ap deranjew?

The news is not only regarding Nicolas Duvalier's possible candidacy but the reaction of the Lavalas party to the news...

Read: Nicolas Duvalier Possibly Running For Office Gets Lavalas Going Ballistic by Emann Joasil

After publishing the article, Emann writes on his facebook page:

LMFAO!!! Men lobey pete nan gwoup politik yo la wi pou atik mwen an... 2 kan yo [Lavalas ak Tet Kale] ap voye toya sou youn lot. lol SMH

I am not sure if the focus here is on "Le sujet du verbe" or the "complement d'objet direct" but I am curious to know this...

How do you feel about the son of a former Dictator, grandson of a former Dictator, running for office in Haiti?

Do you have a problem with Nicolas Duvalier runing for office in Haiti?

What do you think about that?

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B Ernadine Gervais says...

yes, L'ex president de la republique a merite les funerailles nle comme touts les autres president ds les autre pays d'autre mer et en Haiti.

Ne soit pas ignorant ou partisan.

La loi c'est la

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Lynn Gonzalez says...

I have no problem with it. Sure he came from a dictator family but how ever we must give everyone their chance, maybe he wants to make up for what is dad and grandad has done who

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Jolie says...

Me zanmi mesye ki gen moise pa respekte moun menm pou ki ou pa lage têt ou nan tou avan Nicolas pa menm ranw terre a

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Jolie says...

That Will be a good thing to give Nicolas a chance who knows maybe the country might be a little better than now i wouldn't have a problem with that if Nicolas run am office or become président in

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Frantz Delphin says...

Anything possible thats is choice thats is

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O Moise says...

ti nicolas sipoze chache kote ki gen yon tou la dan l, pou l mete tet li anndannn li epi pou li chavire res ko li pa deye tankou yon so kabrit pou li kase kou li.

paske nou deja ap pase yon, ove peryod ak neg sa yo rele mateli a ki pat sipoze la kom pitit duvalier, se sa ke m ta ki pi bon

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Kolo says...

F**k him...! Paske moun sou sa yo Nou Pase anba men yo 2ja,,si Yo t bon pou nou Yo tap tj avê nou..

Nou pa vle rejim sa ankô...

F**k him

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Bruno says...

It is important not to judge the book by it`s cover.

While the Duvalier were dictators and a lot of things happened during their reins, Nicholas is living in a different period of time. This is a different Haiti, a democratic country where the people will always have the final word when it comes to abuse from governments.

We are not to make him pay for what his parents did, Haiti is in need of advancement and anyone that can drive the country to fertility should be welcome.

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Frantz says...

Tell me who is worthy in Haiti to determine who is qualified to run or not?

What did the successors of his parents do beside killing and stealing

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Neg Lakay says...

I agree with you 500% there.

Mr. N. Duvalier has the right to exercise his rights as a Haitian Citizen including running for office provided he has met all the procedural requirements.

But the Duvalier name is a Haitian Icon whether we like it or not. Some of us will find a repetition from the past, a horrible past at that not so comforting.

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