Duvalier Political party plans to run in Haiti elections

Read this... The old political party founded under the Duvalier dictatorship says it plans to enter candidates in Haitian elections that are supposed to be held by the end of the year 2014... A party member said this last week...

Jean Claude Duvalier Press Conference

Friteau Marc, a coordinator for the Duvalier's political party National Unity Party -- Parti Unité Nationale (PUN) -- told The Associated Press that the candidates will run "at all levels," legislative and local level...

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Ernst Molin says...

Cette candidature, de Jean Claude Duvalier, apportera un equilibrium aux élections.

Car, la démocratie qu'il a léguée par son départ, portera fruit.

Oui, le peuple aura gain de cause avec un billet Duvalier aux urnes.

Mes frères: " Dimidium facto qui coepit habet ".

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Gregory Perpignand says...

Our country need a good president like jean Claude Duvalier people blame him for thing s he did not done., no body was understand him but it was yong he did not know better those people use to be with his father would be kill him. The real president was prosper avril who was in charge not him it's just like a family you married if you has a child who did something they make the family responsable for what the kid has

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