Duvalier and Aristide Invited To Michel Martelly Presidential Inauguration

Did you know? All living ex-presidents of Haiti have been invited to attend the inauguration of Michel Martelly as Haiti's new president... Jean-Claude Duvalier, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Rene Preval, everybody...

Jean-Bertrand Aristide And Jean-Claude Duvalier

How do you like that Huhhh?

Imagine Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide sitting "kot a kot" (rib by rib, LOL...) I mean side by side, right next to each other!

Maybe I should go to Haiti to witness this historic moment...

What do you think?

This is 'PURE THEATRE' The Globe And Mail says...

Here's a clip...

In one of his first moves as Haiti's president-elect, Michel Martelly made a grand, and unusual gesture. He invited all of his country's living ex-presidents to his upcoming inauguration.

On one level, the idea of the recently returned Jean-Bertrand Aristide sitting beside his historic rival Jean-Claude Duvalier to mark a former carnival singer's rise to power, is pure theatre.

But to Haitians, the prospect of political enemies casting aside their differences for a common cause is appealing. And to Mr. Martelly (stage name Sweet Micky), presiding over such a scenario is even more so.

Analysts predict the 50-year-old dark-horse winner of Haiti's election will attempt to use this peculiar mix of showmanship and statesmanship to govern his troubled country.


What is your opinion of Aristide and Duvalier being invited to the presidential inauguration of Michel Martelly?

What purpose do you think this will serve?

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

Thank you sir for your comment.

Continue to read from this site and post your

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We are the animals that destroying everything our eyes can see and our hands can touch.

Maybe we should moves these animals out and built resorts, plants trees to bring back the island to shape.

Haitians don't know any value of anything until they take it

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

The People of the Island of LA GONAVE HAITI need a change not a

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

Haitians my brothers and sisters,

Do not support any plan submitted by the Government in Port-au-Prince unless we have a delegue representing our Government and is willing to reside in the Island to defend our

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

People of La Gonave have a plan for their country, their Island and I will put it public soon.

This Blog Linked From Here Blog

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

Let us all solve the problem of our island :


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Jean Moliere Guillaume. says...

This is the greatest gift for his first day. I agree with him. Sometime we have to forgive the past and build the present by preparing the

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Herman Schurmans says...

My dear Jean Philippe,
I am very happy to hear your voice, as it is the voice of reason and engagement.

As to Duvalier jr/Aristide joining in, it is necessary that they present excuses to the People for their mischiefs, misgovernment and crimes against humanity.

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

Une distribution economique et une balance sociale maintiennent la stabilite d'un

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Jwphilippe At Yahoo.com says...

Anyone born in Haiti considers himself a Haitian and a Haitian remains a Haitian all of his/her life.

Long ago when it became evident that in order to stay alive some Haitians had to move away from the country, it was not a move that was welcomed, but it was a move that was necessary.

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