Does Haitian Prime Minister-designate Gary Conille Pass The Residence Test?

One hot topic on Haitian radio today is the dispute over the Residency of Haitian Prime Minister-designate Garry Conille. The question is, when a Haitian resident is working abroad FOR the Republic of Haiti, is he a resident of Haiti or the land where he sleeps.

Garry Conille

What does exactly does article 157-5 of the Haitian constitution mean when it says:

"To be appointed Prime Minister, a person must have resided in the country for five (5) consecutive years."

On the Haitian airwaves...

Earlier today there was a discussion on Haitian radio Caraibes FM mentioning that there IS a reason why all Haitian birth certificates have these two words "Demeurant et Domicilie" (residing and domiciled at)

If they are both in our Haitian birth certificates, that means, legally, you can "Demerant" somewhere and "Domicilie" somewhere else... RIGHT???

The comentator gave the example of UN Officials working in Haiti... They are not Haitian residents, he says...

Is article 157-5 of the Haitian constitution talking about DEMEURANT or DOMICILE???

In law, domicile is the status or attribution of being a permanent resident in a particular jurisdiction. A person can remain domiciled in a jurisdiction even after they have left it, if they have maintained sufficient links with that jurisdiction or have not displayed an intention to leave permanently. (Wikipedia)


When a person leaves Haiti to work abroad for Haiti, how does 157-5 of the Haitian constitution apply, legally speaking?

LEGALLY... Is Garry Conille legally pass the "five consecutive years" RESIDENCE test if, like President Martelly says, he pays taxes in Haiti?

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Nicky says...

Hi Micky.

i'm proud of you
by choosing a prime minister.

I am a big fan of you and Djakout mizik.

I wish you well and good luck.

Bye Bye my President

God bless

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Ronald Altieri says...

Bellerive passed the residency test and met this criteria and that criteria; afterall, what did he do for the nation and population during his Prime Ministership.

To be a UN Official does not mean that your official residency is not your country of origin BAN TI CRETIN.

Next time any members of the G16 go overseas to get treated by foreign doctors, they should ask the doctor if he has lived in Haiti for a consecutive five years.

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Grenadye16 says...

There are 2 things can we deduce from that complexed situation.

1srt, the lack of clarity in the article that does not precise what should we do and second, when it must be used. In this case I think we should ask the former lawers who promulguated the constitution what they pretended to say when writing

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Ti Bobo says...

At this point of the political game Haiti is no longer qualify as a country were law and order are enforce.

Since president Bill Clinton has destroyed the fabric of Haiti economic twenty years ago now he going to finish the job by violating the Haiti constitution, forcing the Haitian government to accepted a none quality Haitian person to become the priminister.

Only in Haiti you will find those kind deal where ever the American Goverment want the senate to calm down they treated to revoke their visa, if we don't repect ourself and show solidarity to our constituent we will always be in this

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

Hi iam not going to shoot against this guy the president has choosen, but iam not going to say anything on is behaf also because DANIEL GERARD WOOZIER AND BERNARD GOUSSE WAS 100% BETTER THEN THIS GUY.He will support UN to do more bad thing to the haitians

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Cj says...

Exactly, the person is not waking up everyday in Haiti because he's working on behalf of the country should not be the subject of the discussion.

It is the actions that he does i.e paying taxes, take oath to serve in another country armed forces, voting etc. Let's get to the real issues my people are dying for lack of basic

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