DID President Michel Martelly open a Can or worms?

MARTELLY Vs BELIZAIRE --There are Haitian political problems ahead, No Joke... What seems to be a personal conflict between President Michel Martelly and Depute Arnel Belizaire is about to get more complex, Believe me.

at the white house a few days ago between these two men?

Whatever is it, there is no question about it, Depute Arnel Belizaire is currently THE Haitian political superstar these days!

Honestly, I didn't know his name a couple of weeks ago LOL...

There is a lot going on right now, lots of talking...

It almost seems like there is about to be a big power fight between the lower house of parliament and the presidency.

Issues of citizenship is about to resurface in the Haitian political scene, Newly elected minister may get fired...

Se pa de pawol k-ap pale!

The question is...

DID Michel Martelly open a can or worms?

It's been five months now and there's been nothing but fights, after fights, after fights, between the executive branch and the legislative branch of the Haitian government.

All of a sudden... It's Martelly Vs Belizaire and it's not over yet!

What is your take on this?

Reply with your comments

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Toudenoir says...

Way too long of a post.

You lose any reader after the 10th or so...paragraph.

You can do

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

My take on it is that no uncivilized, people with short temper who lack of critical thinking skills such as just a high school leaving certificate should enter politic the highest level because they are just high school graduates with limited body of knowledge on Complexed matter such as running a country like who have been robbed and ill-treated by so many for their own selfish gained and my great great great grand father nord Alexis was one of those this desingenious leaders down to Papa Doc Father and son with all other defacto governments.

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Wilfrid says...

m pa kwe se you proplem 2 mesye yo, m kwe sejus chime ki padako pedi batay, ou konnnen, toro a te tounen lap mete mesyel yo nan travay.

se pa anyen non, se jalouzi wi, li bezwen pou peyi a rete janl te kitel la, se limen avek chime selman ki pou

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Jeabwilson says...

Belizaire poze sanw tande ou we pep la pose toujou pakite yo fache tande ou kon n pep haitien byen prop ou kon lel fache lap al pran w kote ye a poul fini ave w ou songe ansyen milite, makout sa yo te fe yo poze ti e ou pap gentan rantre sendoming ou pakapab pas ou gen dosye w nan men yo ko vole machin .pa bat ti kow e pa kite pep la fache

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David Grant says...

It is obscure to think that the President, Mr. Martelly, has opened a can of a worm. The matter of citizenship has been put to rest by the legislative power of the country; hence, there shouldn't be any reversal of the decision taken.

In fact, President Martelly has won the election by 67.57% of the popular votes; therefore, he is in effect the truly elected president of the country.

The nomination of the Prime Minister was done after much review of the constitution; therefore, he is legally nominated.

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Ronald Altieri says...

BRING IT ON! The President was voted in by 67.57%, and his mandate is to change the political nature of our nation, and the Prime Minister was ratified to run the government for the population.

If a can of worms must be opened, then let the first worm be belizaire.

We either want to plant the seeds of our style of democracy with order, law and justice, or we can continue on the path of seriouos disorder, chaos and injustice.

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Garry Destin says...

We must let the worms go. For over 60 years the worm have kept the body from growing.

If the man is a convict, how can he be a senator?

So Michel, F....

all the who stand by the X-con. Maybe there are more of the so the want the can to be kept closed.

No Can

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Benno says...

Have you ever seen two kids fighting in class, and when the teacher ask what's going?

Each one starting to blame each other.That's what happening between the two branch of government.

These guys have power syndrome.

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