Did President Martelly Accuse Mirlande Manigat of Plotting a Coup d'Etat?

I must have been too tired to follow the news after carnaval des fleurs but, it seems, there is some kind of conflict between Haitian President Michel Martelly and former first lady Mirlande Manigat... Something about a coup d'etat...

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat

Everyone is talking about a very harsh response by Mirlande Manigat because Pesident Martelly accused her, in an TV interview, of being At the head of a coup d'etat against him.

The scoop is, President Martelly did not mentioned her name, per se, but his remarks pointed directly to her.

I have been scouting the web trying to find President Martelly's television interview but I have not been able to, However her response is all over the place and it is not pretty.

Kisa-w tande? Kisa-w konnen? Kisa-w panse?

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Daniel Alvarez says...

Martely se vagabon lap toujou vagabon, Mirlande se makout, louvto, lap toujou rete makout.

Men, olye yap batay antre yo, yo ta batay la mete latino ak brezilyen deyo. Se pa anyen yap regle nan peyi-a, poukisa yo pa planifye bay ONU yon kou d'eta?


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Pierre Charles says...

Je crois que c'est une rumeur qu'on a seme pour secouer le peuple et voir ces reactions a l'egard de Mme M. Manigat.

Son Excellence Mr. M. Martelly a déjà l'appui du peuple et est supporte par

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David Grant says...

Ne vous occupez pas aux affairs entre Mirlande et Michel.

Avez vous regardez l'expression sur le visage de Mirlande quand Michel lembrasse; ils sont comme des amoureux.

Michel sait bien comment adoucir la vase de

C'est la carnaval des

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Pierre says...

Wow that's some crazy news. By the way thanks a lot for sharing

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John Doe says...

That's some unreliable reporting you making right now Woodring.

It would have been much smarter to have check reliable sources first.

To tell you the truth, I get really tired of seeing those kind of bullsh!t in social media, so I don't want to get them from you too. Thanks for all your reports, looking forward for the next

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David Grant says...

Little bedroom talk between Michel and Mirlande will solve this problem in record time. It would be like an M & M love song.

This is sweet mickey after

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Subject: Did President Martelly Accuse Mirlande Manigat of Plotting a Coup d'Etat? edit

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