Depute Arnel Belizaire Cut Off By TNH In The Middle Of an Interview

In the midst of a tragic traffic Accident in haiti, Haitian Depute Arnel Belizaire of Delmas Tabarre was in the middle of an interview when the Television Station cut him off the air.

Is this politics of just an accident?

The Haitian media is already talking about that.

As of the writing of this article, President Martelly and Depute Arnel Belizaire were both on location on the grounds of TNH where a terrible traffic accident took place.

What is your thought on the Haitian Government TV Station cutting of Depute Arnel Belizaire.

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Joseph Oleus says...

Depute Arnel Belizaire is one person it dont matter that they cut him off but they were worry about more then 29 people that lost their lives and 50 some

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Why that errant truck did not pin his backside in the wall "Arnel Belizaire".

Monel, i think the driver is the stinking one, not the truck.

The truck is a machine, machines needs PM "Preventive Maintenance" to run efficiently good all

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Richelet Crown says...

what they do, was & is good thing.

it seems like & show that the haitian or the media or whoever that done that show that they care for the other people's life. to me that ain't got nothing to do with

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Monel says...

You're right Elizabeth who cares TNH cut off the interview gave by Arnel Belizaire last night, while 26 people dead in a terrible accident by a stinky dumpster with failure's brakes.what you think Arnel could say, blablabla for nothing act like a superstar.

we have more important things to be focused for this country instead watching somebody who doesn't have any coherent himself.

Haitians are too much suffered two years after an earthquake which taken 300 thousands people's life, they still continue to die in any conditions, the government have to take some drastic's measure to take out those stinks trucks on the road to avoid that dramatic and stupid accident not gonna be happened again.

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Elizabeth says...

this is not suppose to be a debat now that everyone knows there where a terrible accident.there's no politic there.come on people, stop making politic out of everything and give the country a

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David Grant says...

I do not want to believe that people are playing politics when it comes to such critical circumstances.

As far as I am concerned, this would be very insensitive and lack of human compassion.

What is there to be gained by such an act?

There can be no political mileage by resorting to such an unsavory display.

Let us hope that this is not the

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