Daniel Rouzier REJECTED As Haiti Prime Minister

BREAKING NEWS - Designated Haiti Prime Minister Daniel Rouzier has been rejected by the National Assembly by a vote of 42 to 19.

Daniel Rouzier

The Associated Press Reports....

Deputies opposed to Rouzier's nomination accused him of tax evasion and not presenting a copy of the passport on which he regularly travels, raising questions over his citizenship and therefore his eligibility. The Haitian constitution bars high-ranking officials from having dual citizenship.

"His papers weren't correct," said Patrick Joseph, a deputy with Unity, the political party of former President Rene Preval. "We need to stop wasting time, and they need to submit an appropriate choice to be ratified."

Kinston Jean-Baptiste, a deputy from a little-known political party, accused the opposition of wanting to hang on to power.

"Those who voted against (Rouzier) don't want to share the cake," Jean-Baptiste said. "The people who are used to blocking the country will continue blocking the country."

It's interesting...

So... What happens now?

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Jim says...

Je ne suis pas surpris de voir que vous ecrivez a partir de

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Jim says...

Message to Mitch: You are behaving like a clown and an idiot in this forum.

Always personal attacks on forum members and I can feel the great and baseless satisfaction you are getting from it. If I were the webmaster I would ban you. Your contribution here is zero, worthless, zilch.


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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

Everything happen for a reason in life, most of the time we don't know why things happen the way they did, so we as people have to keep on praying and fasting until God reveale things to us, in the mean time we don't like each other, matter of fact we hate our ownself, for so long! We have been riding on America's back, even though we are stronger mentally than they are, for so long we have been dealing with Mediocre President and Prime Ministers, and finally God says enough, so He sent to us a President an a Prime Minister and we rejected one of them simply because someone in high level has been getting pay by either the Americain government or the French to make sure that Mr. Rouzier doesn't get the job, but I have news for those who are involved, start tighting your belt because a lot of you is going to be out of a job very soon, so I would suggest to you to you to start using the little small changed you have received to fight against Mr.Rouzier.

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Mitch says...

Was that threat?

You mean they should

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Veye-yo says...

Yes, there is a way to find all their names and publish them for the Haitians people to be aware of what's going on. Listen to the radio because they already mentioned some names plus read the article on metropole news then you will find more names includes what Joseph Lambert said: two weeks ago it was well planned to not approve Mr

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Marygharlynn says...

mezanmi kote ban-n patripoch sa yo soti?

gen kek ladan yo ki pa min-m kon-n la-a sindoming.yon sel bagay yo we se fe pep la soufri anba zago yo.Depi kile paleman bout mamit te gin plis pouvwa pase prezidan yon

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Patricia says...

I encourage to all of you to read and review article 157 in the constitution, also go to metropole news and Haitilibre.com to read what the commission who where in charge of Mr Rouzier ratification said:view of all the 21 documents Mr Rouzier provided that he is qualify to be the next prime Minister, then what change their minds yesterday.That's one thing and listen to what those deputies who vote for and against him then you will understand exactly why they rejected him.All the informations are there you can get them if you do your own research and not rely on others that have their own agenda to manipulate the truth.

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Vanina says...

Je voudrais savoir quand ces gens vont prendre conscience qu'Haiti est sur ses genoux et qu'il est grand temps qu'on le releve.

Haiti a souffert et continue de souffrir sous la tutelle de ce parlement qui n'est meme pas a la hauteur de la tache qui leur a ete confie par le peuple.

Pou ki sa yo pas dissoud la chamb sa. Yo pa vo anyan.

Yo tout se

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Tousssaint says...

Most of those idiots were not elected in the first place.

They stole the elections.

It starts with that idiotic moron preval.

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