Martelly is NOT the President of Haiti, Charles Henri Baker says

Over the weekend on the Haitian radio show RAMASE on araibes FM, Former Haiti Presidential candidate Charles Henri (Charlito) Baker made a statement that made headline news: "Martelly is NOT the President of Haiti," Baker says...

Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti

The host of RAMASE himself, Jean Monard Metellus, wrote this in an article after the show:

The leader of the political party RESPE surprised many people by challenging the official title of Head of the State of Michel Martelly while recognizing that "a factual situation has imposed this title on Martelly and on the country. We know that there was no election; it was Mr. Martelly himself who invited me to join him at Caribe denouncing the conduct of the first round along with several other candidates.... The OAS fabricated a president," Charles Henri Baker said, referring to Martelly.

According to the same article, Charlito Baker has not ruled out the possibility of joining MOPOD and Moise Jean-Charles in protesting to force Martelly out of office.

Mezanmi... Se gro koze...

What do you think about this flagrant statement by Charlito Baker about Martelly?

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Nan emisyon RAMASE sou Radio Caraibes FM, Ansyen Kandida pou president Charles Henri Baker di ke Martely pa president peyi d'Haiti, se OEA ki mete li nan post la. Baker di se Martelly menm ki te envite li nan Karibe pou proteste kont premye tou election yo... Alos... Pat gen election

Kisa-w di nan bagay saa?

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Macsen Elyse says...

Please call me asp 47133098.

it s very

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Macsen Elyse says...

Please call me asp 47133098.

it s very

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Bonito says...

While the frustrations of many over the legitimacy of Mr Michel Martelly today as the current President of Haiti can be entertained, it however cannot be understood for the horse has long left the barn, and I am saddened to say specially to those who had hoped to lead that the time to cry fowl has long past and also that it's now too late to turn back the hand of

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Raymond Archer says...

when it comes to power, it seems that we all Haitians don't have any vision for Haiti after 210 years of independance we not going anywhere, with all of those trashes, that been said about the presidency of Martelly.

We should be ashame of us as politicians, and leaders.

How we would ever move forwards, for a better

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Jocelyne says...

Li manti tou sa se ambition pou

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Bwa San Fey says...

Rien de

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Gerard says...

What is going on with Charlito Baker?

Why is it that we cannot let a President finish his constitutional term in office?

After three years we always questioned the validity of a presidential election seeking to overthrow the government in place to replace it with a provisional government to finish the elected president term in office.

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David Elissaint says...

let them talk and ouras soon as our president is working we need 25 years to stand Haiti but with president Martelly tet kale toujou kale pa gen moun ki ka bat tet

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Dufresne Michel says...

He has all the reason to talk anyway he wants because he proves himself to be at the same level with those who have no respect, love and appreciate his country, because he should know better to preach law and order which is badly needed in this country.

He is an ignorant like the rest of

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Josy says...

Mr. Charles Henry Baker must be crazy, or on drugs and this is so ridiculous.

President Martelly is doing his job, and Mr. Baker needs to back

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