Candidate Mirlande Manigat was in South Florida over the weekend

Haitian presidential candidate and former first lady Mirlande Manigat was in South Florida over the weekend for a fundraising and to speak in Miami's Little Haiti.

Mirlande Manigat

We received a phone call late yesterday afternoon that the candidate was scheduled to speak at a church in Little Haiti.

The Sun Sentinel reports...

"Manigat told her supporters, many of them well-educated members of South Florida's Haitian business community, that she needs their expertise as well as their money to win the March 20 runoff election against former singer Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly."

Michel Martelly said in his previous rally, "Haitians are saying 'ban-m manman-m' (give me my mother) and Mirlande Manigat seems to have answered that...

Manigat said:

"I am a woman, and a mother, and people see me with that perspective. There used to be a saying that our country needs a mother. I am not sure about that. But we are a very sentimental people."

Mirlande Manigat also campaigned in Montreal Canada and, while in South Florida, she spoke to a crowd of about 350 supporters in Plantation FL at a fundraiser, according to


Did you have a chance to attend any of these functions?

Do you think Mirlande Manigat will win the presidential election?

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Richelle says...

Nancy, your passion is too weak to destroy Michel go get rest. pa

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Nancy says...

boujwa ki bo li ye ou fou ale reflechi wa we kote boujwazi salop sa kanpe vote tet kale se vote boujwazi haitienne nan si kk monte wa we

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L Union Fait La Force says...

Jynee bravo bravo bravo haiti need haitian like you aba tout restavek aba minustah cholera aba tout vye rat zo di ba haiti ou chans ak

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Marie says...

If she wins then what

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Jynee says...


The reason other nations big or small do not respect Haitians is because we are poor and our fellow countrymen are sneaking illegally in their country to get a better life! No one has respect for you when you can't manage your own affair.

Le wap drive davan pot moun, yap trete ou tankou chen.

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Ronald Trenard says...

I second that

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James Monestime says...

She is gona win the race for president.

She is the best of the

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Rasta Nan New Jersey says...

Ras Oscar King I,
Irie Respect to you Ras and all the other brothers in Haiti in the name of the Almighty.

Ras, mwen te en ayiti leh Haile Selassie te visite en 1966 mkwe sete le 24 Avril 1966. Se te bel

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Delivran peyi d'ayiti nan min bon Die ak Miki.
Gran moun nan pral lage plis pichon sou ayiti avel tou devin kode dominikin

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Ras Oscar King says...

depi lontan nap tann momen sa nap tann
kile pou gen yon jenn gasson pou prezidant payi a san sousou miki se cel
moune ki ka devlope dhaiti paske nou

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