Bill Clinton meets with Martelly and Manigat Behind Closed Doors

Former US president Bill Clinton was in Haiti over the weekend and he met with presidential candidates Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat behind closed doors to discuss the future of Haiti.

Bill Clinton and Michel Martelly

The associated press reports...

...Clinton met separately behind closed doors Mirlande Manigat, a former first lady, and singer Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly...

...Clinton, the U.N. special envoy to Haiti, said he had no preferred candidate. He said he was careful not to do anything in his role as co-chairman of an interim reconstruction commission to compromise his ability to help Haiti...

Clinton told reporters...

"If we can continue to work very hard and speed up decisions - and we plan to do so this year - that will help whoever wins be a more effective president"

What do you think about that?

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Guirlaine St.fleur says...




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John says...

Di yon mo kisa american ap chache an Haiti konsa yap vole antre soti tout lajounen e lan nouit tou e sa koute anpil

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Thomas says...

you are wrong, J. DUVALIER did nothing compare to what Aristide have done to that country.

Remind yourself that Aristide was start destroing that country even while Jean Claude was in power.

and the 2 compere Aristide and preval complete the destruction with their government.


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Caonabo says...


tande non excusem avek dernie informatyon en li pat bon jen li te ecri'a

min kija pou exactemen jen ou wel la pou'w ka join nannan informartyon mtap pale'w la

Al nan fenetre saa jen ou we li ekri a epi a gauche enle wa voyage nan fenetre la saw vlem diw se konsa teka voyel

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Caonabo says...


M'pa kon si se verite ou soi si se etirev min cheke saa
al nan fenetre saa epi fe yon coup doeil sou
Max Pierre-Louis

Se yon bel michan kestion ou poze laa

"Ki sa international bezoin en Ayiti

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John says...

Yon bagay mwen ta remen kon nen tout moun ki pase kom prezidan Haiti pa janm pale sekre ki sa intenational bezou en

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Ronald Altieri says...

Hey You! Yes You, My dear Sisters and Brothers,

If Bill Clinton who fought to bring Aristide back to power with the aid of the United States Military could hug and smile with him, why can't you smile for his Presidency and hug his wonderful dream for Haiti.

I suppose if Sweet Mickey was saying weird things and acting silly everybody would be paying attention.

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Miejo says...

Sispann rele madam nan GRANMOUN, being "granmoun'' is not a problem, you don't want to died young any way, it is a blessing to grow old! and to be a GRANDMA.


but you don't have to choose her as the next president of

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Miejo says...

to be able to read your book, haitians must learn to read! so we must EDUCATE the haitians first! dont forget you have ten million

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Metegrinnan says...

We all understand some the important issues with surrounding aristide and his administration.

But it is time to stop blaming others for our lack of devotion and vision.

Let us be clear, if aristide wants to fly to Haiti, he should go the South African Airport with a big cross around his neck, with his family and important papers to declare a hunger strike in protesting and demanding the right to fly back to his country.

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