Victor Benoit leaves FUSION and founds his own political party

PHOTO: Haiti - Victor Benoit
Haitian politician Victor Benoit says goodbye to Edmonde Suplice Bauzile and la FUSION des Sociaux Démocrates Haïtiens to create his own political party.

Victor Benoit took this decision following all the unacceptable practices happening in his old party which he is the co-founder.

Benoit's new political party is called Rassemblement social-démocrate pour le progrès d'Haïti (Rasanbleman). Jean Michelet Simplice is the provisional president of the new party.

During the launch or the political party Monday, president Simplice said:

"We want to be a party that brings together social democrats from all regions of the country, from all social conditions and who enjoy their legal personalities. This party aims to embody a project of society for a different Republic of Haiti in which our compatriots recognize each other, in order to arouse from everyone the national effort necessary to guarantee a sovereign and truly unitary state of law."

Hmmmmm... Whatever that means!

What do you think about that?

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