Haiti - Bailiff who issued Aristide's Summons Victim of an Attack

Haiti Justice - Four unidentified men (with dreds) on motorcycles attempted to harm Romual Grand Pierre, the Haitian bailiff (Huissier de Justice) who delivered the summons to former president Jean Bertrand Aristide, outside the Palace of Justice in downtown Port-au-Prince Tuesday, 04 September 2014... Grand Pierre had to run for his life, he says...

PHOTO: Haiti - Romual Grand Pierre - Huissier de justice (Bailiff)
PHOTO: Haiti - Romual Grand Pierre - Huissier de justice (Bailiff)

According to his testimony to Haiti Radio Kiskeya Tuesday afternoon, "Right after the Haitian police chief Godson Orelus," Romual said, "I was leaving the courthouse, as I stepped out of one of the three gates of the Palace of Justice, the one off Rue Joseph Janvier, four men attacked me."

One of them said: "Men misye!" (there he is)

I didn't understand why so I asked: "Sak genyen?" (What's going on?)

"Sak genyen? Talè-w pwal konnen... Se pa ou ki te pote manda a"

(What's going on? you are about to find out. wasn't it you who brought the summons?)

"So I ran back to the court house and caught a ride on a car with tinted windows so I could come here at the radio station to let you know," Romual Grand Pierre said.

According to to Romual, the only summon that he delivered recently and the only one that made noise in the media was that of Jean Bertrand Aristide. fearing for his life he has asked for security to keep an eye on him.

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Bonito says...

There is nothing I can say to you that you have not been told before or you habn't known by yourself already.

Either you just love for me to hear you repeat yourself or you inquisitively want for me to help you assert or confirm my ignorance, and either way you blissfully win if that's what you're striving for. Haiti, terre maudite, tu ne cesseras

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Toto says...

La vi neg la sou kont mesye lavalas yo, paske depi yo nonmen non aristide tout chyen cho sa yo anraje .Msye bezwen bon jan sekirite pou lavi

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Subject: Haiti - Bailiff who issued Aristide's Summons Victim of an Attack edit

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