Back with the News about Haitian Politics

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise First Conseil des Ministres
News about Haitian politics was really boring this past few months wasn't it? Thank God this chapter is all over! Haiti has a president. So we're back the news, the GOOD news about Haitian Politics...

KREYOL: Mezanmi... Nouvel Politk yo pat bon menm mwa pase yo, sete menmman parèyman, Election anonse, election a refaire, tout kandida pase nan premye tou, manifestation, lobèy... Mesi Bondye tout sa FINI... Yon NOUVO Chapit ap ekri finalman... Nou la pou enfòme w...

We at were getting bored telling you the same things over and over again: There's going to be an election... Elections delayed... Over an over...

We are looking forward to an interesting "quinquennat" with Jovenel Moise as president of Haiti.

We hope to keep the political news flowing and not be forced to stop due to the very negative and often boring political seasons that our beloved politicians throw the country into.

Compared to other news site, we like to share the good news... Let us pray for at least some stability in Haitian politics as the country moves forward.

This said, expect more political news from the that you are used to.

What do you think about that?

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Jean Hopefully something will come out good for the haitian people. We suffer too much with those politicians having no mercy.All we need is JOBS.If we... see more
Reply · February 17 at 1:11 AM
Hermann Vendryes Vive Haití vive Jovenel Moisés president looking forward to kitè payia machè mètè tète ensamble
Reply · February 10 at 1:50 AM
Patrick Princivil Mwen kontan anpil kéw rétounen de nouvo; nou konnen trèbyen pakèt kandida sa yo sé nan visyé a yo grandi, sé... see more
Reply · February 09 at 11:54 PM

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