Autopsy confirms, Haiti Judge Jean Serge Joseph Was NOT Poisoned

Just in... Autopsy report confirms Haitian judge Jean Serge Joseph was not poisoned contrary to what some, including Senator Moise Jean Charles, believe...

haiti judge Jean-Serge Joseph

There is a big conspiracy theory in Haiti that judge Jean Serge Joseph, the judge investigating Haitian first lady Sophia Martelly and his son Olivier for corruption, might have been poisoned in a secret meeting involving the president, Michel Martelly, and prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

The very outspoken Senator Moise Jean Charles immediately said that Judge Jean Serge Joseph was poisoned with contaminated whiskey he had consumed during his alleged meeting with Haitian President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and many other personalities.

Also Read: VIDEO: Haiti Judge Jean Serge Joseph was poisoned, Senator Moises Jean-Charles says

Soon, a "Commisison d'enquette" followed with an investigation on the potential murder of the judge by one other that the president of the republic...

According to a recent news articles, the coroner's Quebec Coroner's office in Quebec Canada has confirmed that the judge died of cerebral hemorrhage, there was no foul play, the report says.

Is this the end of that?

I doubt it...

People questioned the doctors at Bernard Mevs hospital, chances are they will question the coroner's office Quebec as well because... in my beloved country, the truth is what people think is the truth, or in this case, what some people WANT to be the truth...

Am I right? or am I right?

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Alserde says...

ayiti se kote ou jwenn plis moun enbesil ki ap fe politik epi kap detwi sosyete sa ak lang yo epi ak aksyon inyorans yo. le wap gade deklarasyon san sans yap fe nan radio ak televizyon se kom si yo pat janm chita sou ban lekol, men se pa fot yo se fanson sistem edekasyon ayisyen an ye a paske se li ki pi kriyel nan mond sa. sa fe w pedi diyite ak fyete tout pep la, paske nan nivo oubyen echel sa yo nou pata sipoze jwen mal bourik sa yo ki paka distenge byen nan mal, verite nan manti epi bon nan

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Jacques says...

It is time to realize that even though that we do not have access to valued medical services and that we do not keep up with doctor's appointments, or stick to our regimen as prescribed we never want to accept sudden death as the results of natural causes due to our beliefs and ignorance.

I do not know what type of care he received in the hospital however could the doctors have done better than what they did or did they ever diagnose his

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Thomas says...

this is a big defeat for the opposition including le petit toutou moise and the rest of them, acting like it is the first time some one die in Haiti.

I think now they gonna blame it on white people play foul for

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Subject: Autopsy confirms, Haiti Judge Jean Serge Joseph Was NOT Poisoned edit

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