Attention All Haiti Candidates who did NOT Campaign MUST Return $1.8 Million Govt. Campain Fund

Haiti Elections Update -- The Haitian government issued a warning to all political parties with candidates who have abandoned the electoral race, those who did not campaign, those who desisted to return the $1,800,000 gourdes of funding they received to the Ministry of Finance or else...

Haiti Elections - Ti Pati-m Kanpe

According to, Fritz Jean Louis, the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister responsible for electoral matters, reminded these political parties that there will be sanctions against all candidates who would have diverted the funds allocated to them for the election campaign.

Men li FOUT!!!

There are many candidates who did not campaign except perhaps their front porch, nobody knows who they are, they don't even have a single campaign poster out there... There are others who decided to call it quits soon after they received the government money...

Elections in Haiti has become the BIG PIYAY!!! Everyone wants some of that MONEY!!!

What do you think will happen to those who received government money and did not campaign?

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Dr Joseph Tertullien says...

Those candidates who receive government money and did not campaign should return the money or face consequences.

They are

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David Grant says...

It seems that the eligibility to be a candidate in an election in Haiti is different from other countries in the Caribbean.

In other to be part of an election in other caribbean islands, The candidate has to make a certain deposit stipulated by the election

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Cylet Widny says...

I am 500% I agree with that decision.

I have been talking about these issues so long. That needs to be stopped.

They all should return the money or some big

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Bwa Sanfey says...

They should seize their assets avid then fout yo lan prison.

Se vole yo ye. Min li four ban

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Kreyolman says...

Ba yo prizon pou

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Subject: Attention All Haiti Candidates who did NOT Campaign MUST Return $1.8 Million Govt. Campain Fund edit

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